Orthotics is the branch of medicine that manages the use of artificial devices such as splints and braces. An arch support or shoe insert is an orthotic device used to prevent pain and assist easier movement.

Appleton Orthotics for Foot Pain Relief

Don't let foot pain, back pain, knee pain, or hip pain ruin your day! Orthotics can rid you of those types of pain.

Appleton Good Feet® features 25 different styles of orthotics (arch supports) in over 350 sizes because everyone's feet are different. If you work in dress shoes or high heels, a thin arch support that will fit in tighter shoes while giving you the support you need is the way to go. Or, as a nurse or a teacher, you’re constantly on the move. You’ll find an arch support that’s a little firmer and fits comfortably in a closed toe slip-on or lace up shoe will work wonders for you.

Do you work construction or serve in the military? Then a more aggressive orthotic arch support to stabilize your feet that will make the difference while you’re hard at work.

No matter what your needs, Good Feet® has a huge selection of orthotics, arch supports, in a variety of sizes to fit in any shoe ... high heels, sandals, work boots and athletic shoes.

NO other arch support orthotics provide the options and solutions that Good Feet® arch supports do.

Did you know that about 65% of Good Feet® customers recently surveyed said they bought drug store orthotics or over-the-counter foot pain relief products before getting serious about their pain relief and coming into a Good Feet® Arch Support Store?

Come in to Appleton Good Feet® today and be pain free!