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Are you suffering from foot pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, hammertoes or bunions? You don’t have to live with foot pain, hip, knee or back pain anymore! Good Feet Arch Supports have helped milli ...  READ MORE

Nothing is as important as being personally fit for your supports–by a person and NOT a machine. Why? Because your arch size is NOT your shoe size. You might wear the same size shoe as another person, ...  READ MORE

Plantar Fasciitis results in irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. The plantar fascia is the very thick band of tissue that holds up the bones on the bottom of the foo ...  READ MORE

Heel pain likely arises from the inflammation of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia encapsulates muscles in the sole of the foot. It supports the arch of the foot by acting as a bowstring to conne ...  READ MORE

  • "I visited the Good Feet Store in Newton MA today, August 11th 2012 and I am writing to tell you that I had a fantastic experience. I was assisted by Rosemary who was absolutely wonderful. She was knowledgable and caring, and took her time explaining all of the product options, fitting me, and allowing me to try on all of the support options. She gave me a truly personal shopping experience. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had at any place of business. It was especially comforting learning that she was a customer herself before working in a Good Feet Store. The Good Feet Store, and Rosemary, have earned themselves a customer for life."

    —Ben MacDonald
  • "Good, friendly, professional service."

    —Carol Dunn
  • ""It's only been 2 days. Ok....TWO DAYS. All my back pain is gone. My feet hardly hurt. I swear.... it should be a law that you HAVE to have these things. I could kick myself for not thinking of it. My feet have been hurting so bad. Thank GOD I saw the commercial Saturday. Was then best thing I ever did. WOO HOO....""

    —Charla W.
  • ""Please accept this as my Testimonial. I was preparing to deploy to Iraq for a second tour. I have spent twenty years in Military boots. The past 11 years I have been active duty wearing Military Boots quite a bit. I started to get very serious discomfort in my arches, as though they were falling. Sometimes I felt as though the tissue in my arches were ripping with each step. The year I spent overseas, everyday in boots sometimes 12-18 hours. Wearing your supports truly made my ability to accomplish the mission successful. It was within the first month of wearing them that I began to forget I had the supports under my feet and that I even had any problems. Your product truly stood up to the mightiest of challenges whether it was a constant beating and the weather endured through the year. It is rare, if not at all, have I felt this way about any product on the market. Your product has proven superior and I have shared my experience verbally to fellow soldiers and Medical staff throughout the Armed Forces. I am often thanked for serving. Well, I would like to say to you, thank you for helping me serve. I would also like to mention your staff member Reida who was very professional, kind, and most of all very knowledgeable on your products.""

    —David L.
  • ""My feet and I gratefully offer a testimonial on the amazing results that I experienced with Good Feet. For the past three years I have had a number of problems with my feet. Recently, I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis; This is a very painful and debilitaing foot problem. I have had numerous doctor visits and treatments that did not work over the long haul. The pain got so bad and I really didn't think that I was ever going to find relief from it. Then, my wife and I were going to breakfast one morning and we came upon the Good Feet store in Rockland, MA. I was sceptical at first, but after talking with sales associates Jennifer and Gail, I decided to give Good Feet a try. Absolutely incredible!!! I am now pain free and what a difference that makes in my quality of life. I hope that my testimonial will encourage others to give Good Feet a try. Thank you Good Feet for my good feet!" Gary H."

    —Gary Hansen
  • "For three years I suffered with Plantar Fasciitis and after numerous doctor visits and rememdies I really thought that there was no hope for my problem. I heard about Good Feet, but was sceptical to give them a try. With some prodding from my wife we stopped in at the Rockland, MA office, and I am so greatful that I did! Jennifer and Gail were very knowledeable and professional. It didn't take me long at all to get used to the supports. I can't tell you how much Good Feet has changed the quality of my life. I would recommend the store to anyone that has foot problems. Thank you Good Feet for my good feet!!! Jennifer and Gail were very knowledgeable and professional. I was sceptical at first, but with their help and the incredible product"

    —Gary Hansen
  • "I had spinal surgery in 2008. Since that time I have suffered with a foot problem. No matter what type of shoe or sneaker, or floor type such as carpet, wood floor and concrete, I have continually felt like I was walking on cobblestones. After purchasing the endura step SL 4000 arch support, my problem has disappeared. I was suffering with this problem for years. Other orthotics that I had made did not seem to help."

    —Kenneth Silverman
  • "i went to a good feet store for the first time and Rosalyn took care of me and she was so helpful and helped me buy the right type of arch supports and sneaker and it felt so good, i finally could walk with no pain. i am very happy to get shoes i can finally wear pain free. She was wonderful and very knowledgable about what i needed,i will be going there from now on to buy shoes."

  • "I bought my first GoodFeet arch supports several years ago, and have since bought another pair. I was having severe pain in the balls of my feet and had already seen my primary care and a podiatrist, both of whom said, "there's no magic." Fortunately, a co-worker recommended GoodFeet, and I found that there was, in fact, magic! Improvement was almost instantaneous, and I have been pain-free for several years now. I never go anywhere except to bed and the shower without my GoodFeet arch supports! Thank you so much!"

    —Mary-Anita Bragdon
  • ""I had been battling plantar fasciitis for nearly three years. It got so bad I could hardly walk in the morning, or after being off by feet for a short period (i.e. after driving). The pain was excruciating. I am very active 40 year old male with plenty of good years in front of me; however, until I was introduced to Good Feet, I felt my active days were limited. After purchasing my pair of Good Feet inserts I could walk pain free immediately. Although I still felt pain in the mornings, this slowly subsided and within 30 days I had no pain at anytime or following any type of exercise. It has been 18 months since I made this life changing purchase; the value of my inserts is immense and the cost is negligible given what they have done for my life. My sincere thanks to Roslyn in Boston!" "

    —Scott Williams