Starting out as a small family-owned business in 1992, the first Good Feet® Store opened in San Diego, California in 1995 to help people who, like the company’s founder, suffered tremendous foot and back pain that was so crippling their quality of life had deteriorated. READ MORE

Soon, Good Feet Arch Supports were improving people’s lives every day and Good Feet stores began to open in major cities across the United States. Through television infomercials, Good Feet customers shared their life changing experiences and Good Feet began to experience remarkable success as a retail arch support company.


In the years that followed, Good Feet® has developed more products and services for its ever-growing customer base.

People wanted arch support products that would fit in their loafers, dress shoes and even high heels. So, Good Feet’s Research and Development team created a line of Good Feet® Arch Supports that are thin enough to fit in any shoe while providing that same pain relief that Good Feet is famous for.

Good Feet® products are designed by a team of specialists and researchers and are supervised by world-renowned podiatrists. Only the finest materials and designs are used to craft Good Feet® products. All Good Feet® branded products are made in America.

As the innovator of foot pain relief and better-balanced feet and bodies, Good Feet® has helped millions of feet get back to the activities and lifestyles they thought were lost forever.


The company

Today, the Good Feet® organization includes more than 100 individually owned and operated arch support stores throughout the world.

Locations include the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Northern Ireland and Korea with new stores opening all the time due to the quality of products and Good Feet’s positive reputation and recognition.

FACT: Most Good Feet franchisees were Good Feet customers first who discovered the life-changing results Good Feet® supports offer.

did you know

Nearly 85% percent of the population suffer from foot-related problems.
However, research shows that only about two percent of people are currently using some sort of orthotic or arch support.

Good Feet® Arch Supports are manufactured in the USA using only the finest materials and designs. Most Good Feet® Arch Supports are even warrantied for life.

Thanks for your interest in Good Feet®We look forward to changing your life soon !

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