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If your labor force spends most of their work hours standing, walking, or lifting,
Good Feet ® arch supports may help to improve productivity reduce risk of injury,
and contribute to the overall wellness of your employees.

Whether you’re a dedicated employee or the decision maker, call or stop by a local Good Feet® store to see for yourself the difference we can make in your life.

If you would like to offer Good Feet® products to your employees, contact the owner of your local Good Feet® franchise to discuss distribution and payment options.


Read on to see how Good Feet® arch supports can give even more value to your most valuable assets


Pain and discomfort in your employees can mean reduced output for your business, not to mention bigger health problems for your employees as your devoted labor pool ages. READ MORE

A lot of people today believe that chronic pain is just one of the side-effects of making a living on your feet. Whether it’s an aching back after a long shift or sore feet from walking on concrete, your workers go through a lot while they’re on the clock.

Your workers may be harming their bodies every day they go to work, as they stand, walk and lift heavy objects with poor body alignment. What most people don’t know is that the body is so adaptable, it shouldn’t hurt while completing most tasks, no matter how hard the floors are.

Chronic pain can be the result of minor, repeated injuries. Those sore feet can mean ligaments straining in ill-fitting boots. That aching back can mean improper hip alignment while working. If there’s no serious medical complication present, most aches and pains felt on the job are the result of poor posture and improper ergonomic alignment.

The good news is that most posture and alignment issues are 100% preventable. READ MORE

When all four arches of each foot are properly supported, the entire body aligns itself, centering on the spine in ideal balance. An ideally balanced body can better distribute its body weight in every position, for every task. Of course, a body that’s working in ideal alignment is far less likely to suffer from problems due to improper posture.

Good Feet arch support systems are designed to support all four arches, and to help re-balance the body into a more ideal alignment. An ideally balanced body begins with feet that are comfortably supported – in any shoe, on any surface.


    Good Feet arch supports are designed to support all four arches in each foot, making both feet a solid foundation for an ideally balanced body. READ MORE

    When all four arches in each foot are properly supported, the whole body can balance in any shoe, during any activity. This “Good Feet Effect” is so profound, our arch support fitters are trained to show every customer how arch supports can align the body, using a balance technique. If you’re curious to see how this works, stop into your local store for a fitting!

    Properly supporting the arches means reduced foot fatigue, better shoe fit, and less strain on the soft tissues of the foot. But the positive effects of proper posture and balance go much further than foot comfort. Bodies that are biomechanically aligned can work more efficiently, and can experience reduced strain during everyday tasks. When the whole body is better aligned, it can perform tasks much more efficiently, without creating excess strain on the knees, hips and back.

    You already know that accidents and injuries in the workplace can cost you, and your employees, money. You’ve fitted your business with necessary slip-resistant surfaces, all the proper safety precautions, and insurance in case anyone gets hurt. You even make sure your employees are wearing the right shoes on the job, so why not make sure their bodies are better balanced? READ MORE

    Good Feet arch supports are made of the highest-quality materials, and most carry our exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty against breaking, cracking, flattening, or otherwise losing their shape. If there’s anything that can work as hard as your employees do, it’s our products.

    Why Good Feet Arch Supports For My Business?
    There are many alternatives and substitutes out there, and your employees have probably already tried a few. READ MORE

    When you’re in pain every day on the job, you go out of your way to find the best shoe inserts available. The trouble is, most people think that the common drugstore insert is the only option available short of going to a foot doctor. Fortunately, that isn’t the case.
    Good Feet arch supports are made of the highest-quality polypropylene compounds. In fact, when we decided to change lives by selling arch supports, none of the plastics we found were durable enough to do the job, so we had to invent our own. Our products make the grade, all day, every day. Just ask one of our millions of satisfied customers.

    At your local Good Feet store, your employees will be professionally fitted for arch support packages that fit their feet, their shoes, and all of the things they do for work or play.
    Good Feet strives to do more than satisfy each customer – we want to change lives for the better. When your employees stop by our store, we’ll do our best to find arch supports that fit their needs. And when it comes to measuring up to our competitors, it’s that attitude that really makes the difference.


    Foot-related problems cost companies money. READ MORE

    According to OSHA, a cushioned, size-specific arch support can profoundly reduce health care costs for both workers and employers!

    Over 80% of the U.S. Industrial workforce experiences foot pain or lower leg problems as a result of the continuous pressure from standing on hard surfaces all day. Over time, this pressure can lead to painful conditions like plantar fasciitis, which is associated with heel pain and affects an estimated two million people each year.

    Clinical studies have shown that shoe inserts reduce foot and back pain for people who stand for long periods of time, which can help your staff become more productive.

    Low back pain is the second leading reason employees are absent from work–second only to upper respiratory infection. OSHA reports that prevention is much less costly than treatment and an effective safety and health program can save your company up to $6 for every $1 you invest.


Ask your Human Resource Director to contact your local Good Feet Store to learn how our arch supports can improve productivity, safety, and morale.

Bring your work shoes in to your local Good Feet store to talk to a Certified Arch Support Fitter about an Arch Support System that’s right for you. We’ll talk to you about the things you do and the shoes you wear and we’ll work to help you find a solution that works for you.

Good Feet® is here to help you find relief, one step at a time.

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