Foot Pain Relief from Good Feet Insoles

If you’re living with pain from plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, bunions, heel spurs or neuromas, the odds are you’re not enjoying life to its fullest. 

You've probably run to the drugstore and bought over the counter insole inserts but chances are those insoles didn't take away the pain.  In a survey  of Good Feet® Arch Support wearers,  nearly 70%  revealed  they had spent valuable time and money over and over to reduce their pain—unsuccessfully. Then, after trying a lot of other “remedies,” they came to Good Feet® to see if our insoles  would actually reduce or even alleviate their pain. 

After wearing Good Feet Arch Supports, 3 out of 5 Good Feet customers said their pain was reduced by at least 90%.

More than half of those surveyed said they felt exceptional pain relief—event TOTAL pain relief—and said they cannot live without their Good Feet insoles.

With over 25 different arch support styles and 350 arch support sizes, Good Feet® offers individualized comfort solutions to reduce or completely eliminate your foot pain. Imagine being virtually pain free thanks to Good Feet® Arch Supports.

Good Feet’s prefabricated arch supports are personally fit for your individualized comfort. What does that mean? When you visit a Good Feet® Store, you’ll be personally assisted by a Good Feet® certified arch support fitter who will help you find the arch support that fits your foot and your lifestyle. Through a complimentary personal consultation, Good Feet® specialists consider the kind of shoes you like to wear, the activities you like to do, the length or height of your arch as well as the level of support that feels best to you.

That’s why Good Feet’s personal approach makes the difference.

And, we’ll follow up with you to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your arch supports. You may not realize this, but your arch size may not correlate at all to your shoe size. Often, two people may wear the same size shoe but need different sized arch supports because one person may have longer toes while the other has higher arches—all factors that affect your arch size. Buying insoles without being properly sized can actually make your pain worse.

Pain Relief from Good Feet Insoles

Your Total Pain Relief Solution for Foot Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain & Even Back Pain


Your Des Moines Good Feet® store has insoles in several varieties. A Certified Fitter will help you choose the styles that best suit your needs. See them today!