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  • Do I need specialized medical training or
    similar experience to open a Good Feet Store?

    No. Good Feet is a retail service franchise that requires management,
    service and personnel development skills and experience. We are not a
    medical business. (READ MORE)
    Our comprehensive training program and franchise support center will give you the knowledge, assistance, tools and confidence you need to successfully open and operate your Good Feet Store.

  • Do you provide training? If so, is training mandatory?

    Yes. Good Feet provides a comprehensive training program at its Franchise
    Support Center in Northern San Diego County. Attendance is mandatory
    prior to opening your location. (READ MORE)
    After completing the initial training, you will continue with the Good Feet ongoing training program which provides you with a tremendous foundation on which to build your success. Additionally, Good Feet offers an on-line certification program for your sales staff. After successfully completing the on-line training, your staff will become Good Feet Certified Arch Support Fitters.

  • Do I have to personally manage my franchise or can I put it
    on "auto pilot?"

    Good Feet franchisees should plan to be very involved in their businesses
    on a day-to-day basis. Unlike some franchise models, Good Feet Stores are very service oriented (READ MORE)
    and part of the success of your store comes from the relationships and reputation you build in your community. Many Good Feet owners start by working daily in their first store then build a management team as they grow. Those owners go from working “in the business” to working “on the business.”

  • What type of return can I expect on my investment?

    Good Feet encourages you to conduct significant due diligence during your
    discovery process and contact our existing franchisees with questions
    about margins, sales volumes,(READ MORE)
    products, finances, operations, marketing, etc. The amount of profit or loss is dependent on a number of factors, including your ability to manage the business, drive sales and control operating costs.

  • Does Good Feet assist with selecting a location?

    Yes. Good Feet offers guidance in selecting a retail location and reviewing your lease agreement. (READ MORE)
    Once your site has been accepted, we also assist in the build out of your store.

  • What does the franchise agreement look like?

    Once you complete and submit our franchise application, we will send you
    our Franchise Disclosure Document. Commonly referred to as the FDD, this
    document provides full and complete (READ MORE)
    disclosure information about the company, our systems, requirements and structure. The document also includes a sample of the franchise agreement you would enter into. We advise you to take this information to your advisors (CPAs, attorney, business consultants) during your due diligence process to assist you in making the most informed choice possible.

  • What kind of support can I expect from Good Feet as I am
    opening my store?

    Good Feet''s franchise support center can assist you every step of the way, and opening, from choosing a territory and signing your franchise agreement to training.
    You'll work closely with us on your lease negotiation, store build out and décor, signage requirements, initial inventory purchase and merchandising, POS system assistance, media negotiation, vendor relations and training.

  • What kind of ongoing franchisee support services does Good Feet offer?

    Franchisees benefit from Good Feet's operations and training manuals, sales staff training and certification, money saving vendor relationships, (READ MORE)
    mass media advertising in television (infomercials and short form), radio and print ads, digital and local marketing programs, and market research. Enjoy frequent and consistent communication with your support staff through email, phone calls, newsletters, meetings, webinars, optional participation on monthly advisory committees, and a franchisee convention!

  • What are the financial requirements to be considered for a franchise?

    Candidates must show financial viability early in the approval process. A $50K liquid cash liquidity with the ability to secure capital necessary to open and operate each location. See for more detail on Startup Costs.(READ MORE)
    Startup costs vary based on the size and location of your new Good Feet store. Total initial investment is between $77,800 to $193,650, including franchise fee, equipment, supplies, initial inventory and working capital. See our Franchise Disclosure Document for full details.

  • Do you offer discounts to military veterans?

    Yes. We are a proud member of the International Franchise Association’s VetFran program. For qualified veterans, we offer a 25% discount on the initial franchise fee and initial product orders.

  • Do you provide financing?

    While Good Feet does not currently provide financing, we can assist you in matching you with a lender.

  • Do you provide a protected territory?

    Yes. Our territories were developed to make sure there is proper penetration not saturation.

  • Do you offer multiple stores?

    Yes, multiple store opportunities are available and Good Feet has promotional programs to help exisiting owners expand their growth, Please ask our representatives about our current programs and opportunities.

  • How do you facilitate learning and sharing of best practices?

    Good Feet holds a convention where franchisees come together to share best practices with other franchisees. Good Feet also has a franchisee intranet where tops can be initiated and discussed between franchisees and the Franchise Support Center staff. Lastly, there are four franchise advisory committees that work with Franchise Support Center staff to develop new initiatives on topics ranging from Marketing to Operations, Training & Product & Purchasing.

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If Good Feet sounds like the opportunity you're seeking, call our Franchise Support Center at 800-509-4535 to request an application. Once we accept your application, we'll want to share the Good Feet Franchise Disclosure Document with you.

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