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1. Pivotal to Good Feet’s image is our 3 block logo, which has been recently updated to reflect today’s tastes and match our store design.

2. Good Feet Stores are designed modularly to maximize showroom space. A typical Good Feet store has three to four fitting stations, where customers sit while being personally sized for the supports. A standard fitting station has two chairs, with a third chair option available.

3. In-store messaging helps to explain why Good Feet recommends multiple arch supports to fit each customer’s particular lifestyle. Messaging elements also act as dividers to create personal seating areas where customers feel comfortable interacting with their arch support fitter.

4. Good Feet’s patented three-step system is highlighted as a wall graphic immediately visible to customers as they enter the store. The wall graphic is integral to explaining the Good Feet system and the need for multiple products.

5. An open floor plan with multiple flooring surfaces allows customers to try the arch supports in different environments – on soft and hard surfaces – to feel how much comfort the arch support gives them.

6. Good Feet’s retail sales display area helps to increase your average sale by promoting high quality items that are complimentary to our arch supports. This sales wall makes sure that the Good Feet brand stays front and center—reminding the customer constantly of where they are shopping.

7. All in-store graphics assist in the sale of Good Feet arch supports, and help to guide your sales people through the process for a more consistent presentation and predictable outcome.

8. No matter what shape or size the space you select for your Good Feet Store, our design services manager can create a fit plan to maximize your sales space.

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View our digital brochure, get special offers and helpful info. It's free.