The Good Feet Solutions

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    Your Total Pain Relief Solution for
    Foot Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain
    & Even Back Pain
    • 1   Heel Cups and Platforms Offer Heel Support, Impact and
        Shock Absorption
    • 2  Inner Arch Support Helps Prevent Over Pronation
    • 3  Outer Arch Support Helps Prevent Supination
    • 4  Metatarsal Support Reduces Pressure on the Ball of the
         Foot and Toes
    • 5  Overall the Support is Designed to Evenly Distribute Your
        Body ’s Weight and Align Your Posture

How Good Feet Arch Supports may help relieve Foot Pain,
Knee Pain, Hip Pain, and even Back Pain.

  • GOOD FEET® Orthotics vs.
    Custom-Made Orthotics

    Good Feet® prefabricated orthotics,
    most commonly referred to as arch
    supports, are designed with an entirely
    different perspective on foot health.
    Rather than mold a product
    to an improperly aligned
    foot, we have designed all
    of our prefabricated orthotics
    in the shape of the “Ideal
    Foot,” which is perfectly
    When wearing Good Feet ’s
    prefabricated orthotics as part of a total
    arch support regime, the feet and body
    can become better aligned with time.

    While custom orthotics typically run the entire length of the foot, Good Feet’s prefabricated orthotics (or arch supports) run from your heel to the ball of your foot. This means you can slip our arch supports into more shoe styles, without worrying if your long insoles will protrude from the shoes. Also, our thinner arch supports, which are called Maintainers and Relaxers, are designed to fit well into the loafers, wingtips, sandals and open-toed shoes you currently wear. We even have products that can fit into your high heels! While Good Feet arch supports are not custom-molded to your feet, they are personally fit. When you visit your local Good Feet store, your Certified Arch Support Fitter will fit you with arch supports according to your arch length, and foot flexibility.

    Special consideration will be given to your unique concerns, the shoes you wear, and the things you do every day. With over 350 sizes, styles and flexibilities, we’re sure to find a personal fit for you. You’ll leave our stores with your arch supports in your shoes–no waiting! And unlike most doctors’ offices, we can re-size or exchange your products for different styles within 30 days of your original date of purchase, if you’re not totally satisfied.

    At Good Feet, you’ll get a personal fit for your lifestyle, with arch supports designed to help bring the feet back into the Ideal Foot position. And you won’t have to give up your favorite shoes. Good Feet’s prefabricated orthotics are different in the areas that matter most to our customers: fashion freedom, customer service–and pain relief. Stop by your local Good Feet store today to see how our arch supports compare to custom orthotics! Custom orthotics are normally full-length, meaning they are as long as the inside of a shoe, from your heel all the way to the ends of your toes. To make a custom orthotic, a doctor or podiatrist typically takes a “cast,” or mold of your foot while you are lying down, with your foot relaxed. The arch support of the custom orthotic is then built according to the existing shape and arch alignment of the foot.

    Additionally, most custom orthotics are very thick, and some even feature “heel posting,” which is an extended structure at the bottom of the heel designed to stabilize the heel during gait. Due to the heel post, the vast majority of custom orthotics are suitable for only closed-heel shoes. The thickness and rigidity of a lot of custom orthotics makes them too bulky for most footwear, except athletic or orthopedic shoes. In conclusion, custom orthotics are wonderful products for those who have specific health concerns, or unique foot care needs. However, some custom orthotic users have to buy shoes one size larger and/or wider than usual, in order to accommodate the size.
  • GOOD FEET® vs.
    Over-the-Counter Inserts

    Good Feet® arch supports
    are personally fit to your
    feet, based on your arch
    size, your activities, and the
    shoes you wear.
    While other
    options may seem less expensive, in the
    long run it pays to invest in arch supports
    that fit your unique arches and aren ’t
    made of materials that are designed to
    break down within months. This can help
    ensure you are provided with the long
    term foot pain relief you ’ve been
    searching for. In addition, Good Feet arch
    supports are constructed using only the
    highest quality materials and proudly
    manufactured in the USA. READ MORE

    We believe that if you’re in pain, you want arch supports that will work as hard as you do and won’t lose their shape or stability no matter what your lifestyle. That’s why we back most of our arch supports with Good Feet’s signature Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    If your warrantied arch supports ever flatten, crack, break or lose their shape because of a manufacturer’s defect, you can get replacements for your style of arch support FREE. By comparison, over-the-counter inserts and insoles are available in a drugstore or specialty shoe shop. They are made of various materials, most commonly EVA, foam, and/or gel compounds. These compounds normally lose their shape and/or cushioning pretty quickly, depending on the strength of the material and the level of stress you put on your feet while you wear them.

    Most inserts available in shoe shops are based on shoe size. Some are available in only three or four sizes; small to extra-large. Because these inserts are available based on shoe size only, they are not ideally fit to the foot’s four arches and your specific foot pain needs. Also, their pliable material means they are rarely strong enough to change the alignment of the feet or the body.

  • When your feet hurt, you
    want results, and you
    don ’t want to spend
    money every month to
    replace inserts that only
    seem to provide minimal
    for a few weeks at a time. Good
    Feet® Arch Supports include products
    that are designed to last a lifetime.

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