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If We Haven’t Personally Fit More
Customers With Arch Supports,
We Don’t Know Who Has.


A part of what makes your Good Feet® arch support shopping
experience unique is the personalization we give to pain
relief. You may be looking to relieve your foot pain, knee pain,
back pain or hip pain...

Good Feet is looking to provide you with personal fitting and unparalleled customer service that will help ensure you get the right fit and the right solution for your pain relief needs.

What Sets Good Feet® Apart: Our 3-Step Approach

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    Each of our Good Feet® staff is trained and tested
    through Good Feet® to become certified arch support
    This means, you are assisted by someone who knows all there is about
    the Good Feet® brand of arch support and pain relief products. In addition, you can
    rest assured that you’re getting a perfect fit, answers to your questions and a
    dedicated professional to address your foot pain needs.
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    Tell us your concerns, your work and recreational
    activities and let us measure your arch size
    (which is often different than your shoe size). This will help us identify a system that addresses your unique pain needs.
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    Not only does Good Feet® value you as a customer, we want to make sure you’re
    achieving optimal results from your arch supports or foot pain relief purchase.
    We’ve satisfied millions of customers all over the world in
    the last two decades by developing foot pain relief solutions to suit even the busiest feet.
    Staying in touch with you
    and your foot pain relief progress is just one more way Good Feet® shows they care.

We have created a family of supports that offer a personal fit for any activity, any time.Your feet behave differently when you are standing than they do when you are walking, and everything changes READ MORE

Your feet behave differently when you are standing than they do when you are walking, and everything changes completely when you break into a run. No matter what you do, your foot is adapting to your activity, the surface on which you’re walking, and the shoes you’re wearing, all at once! Doesn’t it make sense to have arch supports that adjust to the changing needs of your adaptable feet?

The majority of our arch supports are divided into three main
categories: Exercisers, Maintainers, or Relaxers. Each category of
arch support performs a unique function in the system.
We call it the Good Feet® 3-Step System.

Exercisers are “Step 1” in the Three Step System. They are designed to
“Exercise” the foot. They are also engineered to reposition the foot into a more ideal foot position and evenly distribute your body’s weight so that no single part of the foot takes on more pressure than it is supposed to. READ MORE

Exercisers are designed and named for the effect they have on the foot’s composition – they “exercise” the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the feet, holding them in alignment. Wearing an Exerciser is like a workout for your feet except the goal isn’t a slim physique, it’s a healthy posture with a secure foundation that eliminates foot pain, back pain, heel pain, knee pain and hip pain.

The Exerciser arch supports are Good Feet’s most aggressive because it takes a lot of arch support to help your feet realign and stabilize your foundation. The Exercisers are perfect for walking, standing, or other activities which allow the body to remain upright. Because the Exercisers work so hard to realign the feet, you must be very careful to break them in according to the schedule provided by your Certified Arch Support Fitter. Please note–your Exercisers should never cause you pain. Just like any good workout program, there will be a break-in period however, you should eventually get used to your Exercisers so that they become another part of your active life!

Maintainers are “Step Two” in the Three Step System and they are designed to preserve the work your “Exerciser” arch supports are doing. During your initial break-in period, your Maintainers are designed to provide comfortable support once you’ve finished wearing your Exercisers for the day. READ MORE

The Maintainers have lower medial arch profiles and less aggressive arch support structures than the Exercisers. This is because their job is not to change the alignment of the feet but to prevent the feet from falling out of any alignment they may have been achieved while wearing the Exercisers. In addition, the Maintainers are slimmer than the Exercisers and fit easily into most fashion shoes. You can even wear your Maintainers in open-heeled shoes, sandals, slippers or flip-flops; they’re nearly invisible!

For athletes, the Maintainer can be a healthy “performance enhancer.” Exercisers are not designed for use during sports activity but the Maintainers are flexible enough that they can provide just enough support to the active foot during even the highest-impact sports. When all four arches are supported and the skeleton is ideally aligned, the body can perform far more efficiently during sports. Wearing your Maintainers on the course, court and field may help to reduce fatigue and injury.

Relaxers are the third step in the Three Step System. They are designed to support three of the foot’s four arches and prevent the feet from going without any arch support while still letting them “relax.” READ MORE

Your Relaxers aren’t designed to change or realign your feet or your body. Their job is to provide a relaxing rest period from the alignment work the other arch supports are providing yet still giving support to your foot’s arches. Relaxers are the thinnest, most accommodating arch supports Good Feet offers. We designed them to fit in even the tightest dress shoes, sandals and slippers.

With their low-profile medial arch, flexible construction and slim silhouette, your Relaxers should feel great no matter what you’re doing. You can even wear your Relaxers in high heels, custom-fit boots and flip-flops. With the Good Feet Relaxer, you don’t have an excuse to go without arch support. During the break-in period your Relaxers are essential. While you’re working to realign your body during the first few weeks using your new Good Feet arch support system, you’ll wear your Relaxers as a “cool down” period after wearing either your Exercisers and/or Maintainers.


The Good Feet® family of arch support products are designed to provide todays active individual the support they need for all of the things they do and wear. READ MORE

Rather than try to engineer just one support that is designed to do everything but may not work with your lifestyle, we’ve crafted versatile arch support styles that are
designed work together as members of a system, to meet all the arch support needs of
the twenty-first century person.

Good Feet® is a retail establishment and not a medical provider. We do not diagnose or prescribe in our stores.
For serious foot-related issues, please consult your physician.

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