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Hammer Toes

Hammertoes develop as a result of a muscle imbalance that causes the tendons and ligaments in a toe to tighten forcing the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint (the “PIP joint”) to curl downwards. Hammertoes can occur in any toe, except the big toe, and are defined by their mobility as rigid or flexible. Arthritis can also cause hammertoes.


Hammertoes can be very painful. The affected toe often rubs against the top of the shoe causing irritation, and potentially callus or corn formations on the toe. People with hammertoes may also experience pain on the ball-of-the-foot as a result of restricted foot movement and poor biomechanics.

Our Pain Relief Solutions

The Good Feet Store’s Strengtheners and Maintainers arch support models provide support to the metatarsal arch, which helps to take pressure off the ball of the foot. This may also allow the muscles of the foot to work more efficiently, relieving the tension in hammertoes.


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