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Nothing is as important as being personally fit for your supports–by a person and NOT a machine. Why? Because your arch size is NOT your shoe size. You might wear the same size shoe as another person, ...  READ MORE

  • ""My doctor diagnosed me with neuroma in my right foot plus bunion pain. I suffered for 3 months with the pain in my foot plus I have had foot problems for years (my feet would get very tired and ache and my bunion would throb. The doctor gave me a shot of cortisone which wore off in a week. He told me that I would have to get three injections to kill the nerve and if that did not work I would have to have surgery to remove the nerve. Well when the cortisone wore off in a week, and my husband and I were getting ready to take our two grandsons (8 and 5) camping. All I could was sit- my foot hurt too much. I knew I could not chase them around the campground or stand and make meals. I was pretty bummed. My sister-in-law told me about a Good Feet store down in Cranberry, PA (45 minutes away). I called the store and asked if they had anything to help a person with neuroma. The nice lady I talked to (Mary Lou) told me that I could be helped with your product. She instructed me to bring a few pair of shoes with me. When I got to the store the clerk who helped my was Arlene. She was also great. I bought the classic, the ultra and 3 pair of the super athletic cushions. WOW! I walked in the store in pain and walked out of the store painless. I was shocked. I thought it was too good to be true. I have been painfree ever since I walked out of the store- 18 days). I can be on my feet all day and I don't even know the supports are in my shoe. Even my bunion pain is gone- it's a miracle! Thank you! I was able to enjoy my grandsons and the camping. I would not have been able to function if it wasn't for the Good Feet Store.""

    —Joanne J.