High Heals

Pain Relief Never Looked So Good!

Introducing High Heals, a revolutionary new product from Good Feet that makes you more comfortable for longer in your favorite high heels!

Nothing looks better than a beautiful pair of high heels…but sometimes, nothing feels worse!! After a few hours in those gorgeous fashionable shoes, you’re hobbling around with blisters and the bottom of your feet are literally killing you. Not anymore! Introducing “High Heals,” discrete orthotics from Good Feet that reduce stress on your legs, knees, feet and back while you wear your favorite shoes! Imagine improved stability and balance—even with 4” heels! Good Feet High Heals come two ways—in a thin sleek shell featuring fashion colors (black, beige and clear) and with a comfortable leatherette cover (in either black or tan).

Simply slip the orthotic into your shoe—even open back shoes—and step into comfort! The unique “S” shaped heel cups your heel and holds the support in place. These thin but firm products lift your arch and hold it in its most ideal position, relieving pressure on the ball of the foot and keeping your toes from “gripping” the front of the shoe.
Choose from a package of three Shell High Heals for just $99.95 or a package of two Leatherette Covered Shells for just $119.95. The leatherette can even be trimmed to fit in the most narrow shoe! These orthotics make a great gift and are available to fit women’s shoe size 3 to size 14.



Good Feet High Heals Orthotics
are Available At These Store Locations:

Sacramento, CA
Modesto, CA
Stockton, CA
Santa Rosa, CA
Denver, CO
Jacksonville, FL
Murfreesboro/Nashville, TN
Colorado Springs, CO
Palm Desert, CA
San Diego, CA
Tucson AZ
Cranberry, PA (Pittsburgh area)
Orlando, FL
Buffalo, NY
Albany, NY
Rochester, NY
Sioux Falls, SD
Sidney, NE
Happy Valley, OR
Tigard, OR
Tanasborne, OR
Salem, OR

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