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Flexibility : Medium - Rigid The Comfort Leather arch support is perfect for finding the right fit in dress and business shoes. Constructed of a durably flexible yet fortifying compound, the Comfort Leather arch support can withstand hours upon hours of standing during presentations, walking over concrete floors or coming and going in the latest boardroom styles.

The Comfort Leather arch support is made of a medium-rigid compound designed to never flatten crack or break. It carries Good Feet’s exclusive Good Feet® Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. Its reinforced arch design is preserved with a top-grain leather cover and a rich suede underside. The Comfort Leather arch support can provide a firm, yet flexible support for dress or athletic shoes and its smooth leather cover is just the thing for feet that need to breathe in tight-fitting shoes.

+What’s in a Comfort Leather?


Heel Cup

The heel end of the Comfort Leather arch support features a very slight heel cup designed to help support an active heel without preventing the foot from the natural freedom it enjoys in open-heeled shoes. The Comfort Leather’s heel cup features a beveled edge that braces against the insides of closed-heel shoes to help protect the heel against excessive step-shock. This edge is enhanced with extra grip by the Comfort Leather’s suede underside, which helps keep the support in place in closed-heeled shoes.

What Does a Heel Cup Do and How Can It Help?

The Comfort Leather’s heel cup helps to support the transverse arch, which is located in front of the heel. This arch includes a sensitive spot where the very important Plantar Fascia ligament connects to the heel bone. The Comfort Leather arch support helps to maintain the position the heel acquired while wearing the Exerciser and Maintainer arch supports, giving you a complete arch support system. Working with the Exerciser and Maintainer supports, the Comfort Leather arch support can help make sure that the transverse arch is properly supported.

The lower profile of the Comfort Leather’s design allows it to fit comfortably in virtually any dress shoes with the aid of Good Feet Velcro attached to the bottom of the support.

Inner And Outer Longitudinal Arch Support

The smooth curves of the Comfort Leather’s inner and outer longitudinal arch support flex beneath the foot with each step, providing gentle support for the foot’s arches in practically any shoe. The smooth leather cover allows the feet to breathe, even while wearing thin dress socks or nylons in tighter-fitting business shoes.

What Does Inner and Outer Longitudinal Arch Support Do and How Does it Help?

The front end of the Comfort Leather arch support tapers off gracefully, allowing the bones that form the top of the foot to relax and experience a comfortable reprieve from the realignment properties of the Exerciser and Maintainer arch supports. Having no metatarsal rise, the Comfort Leather supports three out of four arches in each foot. The most prominent arch support area in the Skinny is the Inner Longitudinal (instep of the foot), which gradually rises from the heel to the ball of the foot. Since it is constructed of a semi-rigid formula, the Comfort Leather’s Inner Longitudinal arch can help to preserve the foot’s instep from even the hardest surfaces.

The Comfort Leather arch support is designed to make sure you are comfortable in any shoe. You can wear the Comfort Leather arch support in dress or business shoes and open-heeled casual shoes. The Comfort Leather is the best support for the foot that desires comfort yet more firm support.

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