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Flexibility : Rigid The Deluxe Leather Plus arch support is made of a firm compound formulated to stand up to the hardest surfaces under even the flattest, most flexible feet. The Deluxe Leather Plus is so strong, it comes with Good Feet’s Exclusive Lifetime Warranty against flattening, cracking or breaking.

The Deluxe Leather Plus arch support is Good Feet’s Deluxe arch support covered with an eighth-inch of shock-absorbing foam, and finished with top-grain leather. The durable shell is designed with flatter arches and motion-control needs in mind. Constructed of a sturdy material, the Deluxe Leather Plus arch supports all four arches in a configuration designed to promote stability and balance.
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Its gently contoured inner arch is complemented by a deep, therapeutic heel cup designed to provide superior alignment for the unstable foot. The leather covering provides a comfortable cushion to ease weary feet.

+What’s in a Deluxe Leather Plus?


Leather Covering

The Deluxe Leather Plus is covered with an eighth-inch of shock-absorbing comfort foam, finished with a durable layer of supple top-grain leather. The leather finish is available in a warm coffee color.

Far from being merely a luxury, the leather covering of the Deluxe Leather Plus arch support serves an important biomechanical purpose. It is the first line of defense for feet that need a little extra shock absorption to help prevent inflammation of ligaments or pain due to excess pressure. This added cushion helps the Deluxe Leather Plus provide extra comfort for sensitive and unstable feet, knees and hips.

Heel Cup

The heel end of the Deluxe Leather Plus arch support features the deepest heel cup available in the Good Feet line of arch supports and orthotics. A stability platform situated beneath the center of the heel cup works to prevent the Deluxe Leather Plus arch support from rolling in closed-heel shoes.

What Does A Heel Cup Do and How Can It Help?

Every step the foot takes begins when the heel makes contact with the ground in what is called “heel strike”. When the heel strikes the ground, up to three times the body’s weight can be exerted on the bones and tissues of the heel. This puts the heel under tons of stress, especially if it is not properly supported. The Deluxe’s heel cup is designed to help properly align the heel, thereby reducing the stress of each step.

A stable heel is the foundation of a stable body. If a heel is striking the ground at an angle, or rolling too much to one side during gait, it can cause imbalances throughout the entire foot, ankle, knees, and eventually through the entire body. The Deluxe’s deep heel cup is designed to provide the maximum in heel stabilization available in a Good Feet arch support.

While ensuring that each heel strike is balanced and cushioned, the Deluxe’s heel cup can reduce fatigue on the ankles, knees, hips, and back. A properly supported heel can properly distribute the weight of the body through the legs during gait, which means that the tendons of the ankles and knees won’t have to work extra hard to keep the body upright. The Deluxe’s prominent heel cup is constructed to help re-align rolling heels, unstable ankles, and over-stressed knees. Customers with lower-back concerns frequently find relief when they include the Deluxe Leather Plus in their complete arch support system.

The deep heel cup is designed to ideally align the skeleton from the bottom of the feet through the top of the head, but it won’t allow the heel to pivot in the shoe. Because the heel cup on the Deluxe Leather Plus arch support works so hard to properly align the heel, the Deluxe Leather Plus arch support is not ideal for activities that require freedom of movement for the heel.

Inner And Outer Longitudinal Arch Support

The Deluxe Leather Plus arch support also features support for the inner and outer arches of the feet. These are designed to stabilize the foot during gait to help prevent it rolling inward or outward with each step. Along with the sturdy heel cup, the Deluxe’s inner and outer arches help to stabilize the entire foot during gait which can lead to improved balance and body-weight distribution through the entire skeleton.

What Does Inner and Outer Longitudinal Arch Support Do and How Does it Help?

By supporting all four arches of the foot, the Deluxe Leather Plus arch support helps to properly distribute pressure through the entire foot, thereby preventing any one part of the foot from taking on too much pressure. This can help alleviate pain in areas of the foot that are straining under too much stress.

The Deluxe’s inner and outer longitudinal arches stabilize the foot during gait, helping to prevent pronation and supination (rolling inward or outward). By stabilizing the foot, the Deluxe Leather Plus arch support helps to promote proper gait, thereby reducing excess stress in the ankles, knees and hips. The Deluxe Leather Plus arch support is designed to severely limit unnecessary rolling or straining of the foot’s tendons and ligaments with each step. This means that the Deluxe Leather Plus arch support works well as part of a complete arch support system for those who need moderate to intense motion-control.

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