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Flexibility : Flexible The Relaxer arch support is flexible enough to provide uncompromised comfort. Its flexibility and sleek silhouette make it a discrete companion in even the most unique fashion shoes, including high heels. The Relaxer arch support is the thinnest, lightest Good Feet support available and its gentle support construction requires practically no break-in period. Read More

Most customers can wear the Relaxer arch support all day, every day, right away! With the Relaxer, you’re never without an arch support, no matter your shoes or your activity.

The Relaxer arch support is the ultimate in instant comfort. A supple support designed to offer you intense comfort in any shoe, any time. Though extremely flexible, the Relaxer arch support is made of an ingenious mix of compounds designed to never flatten, crack or break. It also carries Good Feet’s exclusive Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects.
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Good Feet designed the Relaxer arch support with one thing in mind: relaxation. The comfortable contours of this arch support help your feet take a break from the rigors of a hard day or after realigning your feet with Good Feet’s Exerciser and Maintainer arch support products. Just as you need to take a break from work after a long day, your feet need to take a break from wearing arch supports now and then. But if you go without any kind of arch support, your feet can go flat, and your body will lose the alignment you worked so hard for while wearing your Exercisers and Maintainers. So, what do you do? The Relaxer arch support comes to the rescue, providing just enough comfortable support to let your feel unwind, while preserving your hard-won body alignment

+What’s in a Relaxer?


Heel Platform

The heel end of the Relaxer arch support is a “heel platform”; a tapered end that fits the shape of the heel, yet does not cup the fatty pad of the heel to align each step. The heel platform helps to support the transverse arch while allowing enough freedom for the heel to roll and twist naturally during leisure activities.

What Does a Heel Platform Do and How Can It Help?

The Relaxer’s heel platform supports the transverse arch, which is located in front of the heel. This arch includes a sensitive spot where the very important Plantar Fascia ligament connects to the heel bone. The Relaxer arch support helps to maintain the position the heel acquired while wearing the Exerciser and Maintainer arch supports, giving you a complete arch support system. Working with the Exerciser and Maintainer arch supports, the Relaxer arch support can help make sure that the transverse arch is supported in sandals, flip flops or even the tightest-fitting dress shoes.

The lower profile of the heel platform allows the Relaxer arch support to fit comfortably in closed or open-heeled dress shoes with the aid of Good Feet Velcro attached to the bottom of the arch support. The Relaxer’s heel platform is even thinner than the same feature on the Maintainer arch supports, which allows it to fit easily into practically any shoe style and accommodate any activity.

Inner And Outer Longitudinal Arch Support

The Relaxer arch support features comfortably contoured inner and outer longitudinal arch support which flexes generously with each step. The Relaxer arch support can slip into any dress shoe to improve the fit and feel of the foot inside the shoe.

What Does Inner and Outer Longitudinal Arch Support Do and How Does it Help?

The front end of the Relaxer arch support tapers off gracefully, allowing the bones that form the top of the foot to relax and experience a comfortable reprieve from the realignment properties of the Exerciser and Maintainer arch supports. Having no metatarsal rise, the Relaxer supports three out of four arches in each foot. The most prominent arch support area in the Relaxer is the Inner Longitudinal (instep of the foot), to provide comfortable stability.

Rather than aiming to control the motion of the foot during gait, the Relaxer’s job is to make sure you are comfortable in any shoe or activity, especially the shoe styles in which your other arch supports may not fit as comfortably. Wear the Relaxer arch support in closed or open-heeled sandals, your highest high heels, your water shoes and even your cycling cleats. You’ll be amazed at how versatile the Relaxer arch support can be.

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