Heel Comfort You Can Feel
By Good Feet®

  • Dress or
    Tennis Shoes
  • Walking or
  • Shock Absorption
  • All Day Wear
For high-quality, super comfortable cushioning
just for your heel,
Good Feet’s Heel Cushions
are the go-to solution!

These heel cushions help absorb joint impact and soothe sore, tired heels. They’re also great for those shoes that won’t accommodate a full-length cushion. Enjoy the comfort of a heel cushion without sacrificing your style.
Formed of the same springy sponge rubber compound as Good Feet’s other cushions, the heel cushions fit snugly against your heel. The tapered edges help them fit in a wide variety of closed-heel shoes and can be worn alone or with arch supports. Good Feet’s Heel cushions are very versatile and a wonderful accompaniment to any arch support package.

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