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Are you living with arch pain, heel pain or plantar fasciitis? You don’t have to live with foot pain, hip, knee or back pain anymore! Good Feet Arch Supports have helped millions of customers all over ...  READ MORE

  • ""I've been wearing Good Feet Arch Supports for 13 years and absolutely will not put a pair of shoes on with out them. Work, Golf, Running, and Hiking, Good Feet arch supports have relieved my back pain and improved my arch. The customer support is nothing short of Fantastic! After 13 years I have replaced my first pair." "

    —Duane Netz
  • "I just turned 55 and was walking along one day when something popped under the metatarsil area of my foot. Felt like i was stepping a a twig under the center of my right foot with every step. After visits to podiatrist, orthopedic Dr, and even a chiropractor, over several months, my foot was only getting worse. I have always been very athletic and it was depressing me to no end that I couldnt even jog, or run across a busy street if I had to. I was in San Diego for a funeral and awoke at 4:00 AM that morning in my hotel room as I couldnt sleep. I turned on the 46" flatscreen TV and on the first channel up popped the Good Feet infomercial. I went online and saw many product reviews - many very good and quite a few pretty bad. Weighing all of this and thinking that this must be a message from above, I took a bus and trolley from Shelter Island to the store that morning. I had to walk the last half mile and that was not fun at all. When I reached the store, Randy greeted me and showed me the Good Feet products. He was very attentive and able to answer all of my questions. Of course, I was stunned by the pricetag - discounted to $750 for three sets of inserts. After thinking it over (and saying a prayer) I went for two sets - the exercisers and the maintainers, insole pads and a pair of thick socks. I put the supports and insoles into my shoes and walked out withot a limp. I noticed immediately that the insert took the load off of the ball of my foot and I had no pain. I was amazed. Since my visit to SD, two weeks ago, I have followed the system and its going great. I am able to walk without pain and now can even go jogging. Still not 100% but what a relief to know that this system is solving my foot problem and improving my quuaity of life. Only two weeks later and I am able to return to the activities that I enjoy so much, running, working out and playing tennis. Hopefully I will go skiing later this winter! Randy called me twice from SD to check on my progress. I appreciated his following up and gave him my good news. Bottom lline: The Good Feet system not cheap, but for me it was well worth it. But you have to be able to follow instructions and the program, as designed, to see the benefit."

    —John Arntzen
  • "I realized the need for foot support when I started to work at a large grocery store when I was 22. A lot of walking caused unbearable pain in my right shin and elsewhere. Come to find out from my chiropractor x-rays that I had a congenital lower lumbar disfigurement which in turn caused a right hip disfigurement resulting in a right foot disfigurement (excessive pronation)! I went to the Good Feet store back then and got the supports I needed to work pain free. Now I'm 30 and in a different career which will require me to once again work on my feet all day. I plan on visiting my local Good Feet once again. I know they'll help me to work comfortably and safely."

    —Justin Joyner
  • "I am 27, athletic, and in great shape, but my flat feet coupled with all my activity has caused me to already experience knee problems, including two surgeries and months of physical therapy. My doctor prescribed custom orthotics, but they were so heavy and didn't fit well in all my shoes. My physical therapist told me this was an issue I had to solve, and recommended a popular "name brand" arch support, but I could never comfortably fit into one, and I could never trim the support down to the appropriate size for each pair of shoes I own, plus they never really seemed to work for me. I stumbled across Good Feet by accident one day searching through Google and thought, "Well, this is my last option." The store associates were increcibly knowledgeable and helpful, despite my skepticism and caution. The price really threw me for a loop at first, but they pointed out the lifetime warranty, and the two other customers in the store also started bragging about how great it was. Mathematically I figured after 2-2.5 years of owning them, it would be the equivalent of buying other "name brand" arch supports every 5-6 months. I've had Good Feet now for about 3 weeks and telling everyone I know how much I love them is an understatement. I swear by Good Feet, and I can honestly say it is the only thing that has worked extremely well for me. I can easily change them from shoe to shoe, never have to worry about trimming, and I can literally feel a huge difference in how I walk, and how my body responds to activity. This is definitely an investment I think everyone should make, and can guarantee it will pay off."

  • ""Since wearing your insert I can work 8 1/2 hours days with no pain! Previously while working PRN at a Medical facility where I was on my feet for at least 8 hours a day my hip ached down to my knee so badly I had to limit the times I chose to work. I am so HAPPY that now I can work all day, all week without pain! Unbelievably, I just tried out the most inexpensive one since I was on a tight budget! It was the BEST working decision of my life!! Thank you so much for inventing them. By the way, I paid over $120.00 on a computor generated insert, $165.00 for special athletic shoes, $68.00 for a dorsal flexion boot(I also HAD plantar fashyitis) and many over the counter inserts also, but nothing worked until I bought your insert. You made working full time again possible for me.""

    —Patricia M.