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Tampa Bay Good Feet
4.0 out of 5.0 based on 5 Positive Review(s)

Are you living with arch pain, heel pain or plantar fasciitis? You don’t have to live with foot pain, hip, knee or back pain anymore! Good Feet Arch Supports have helped millions of customers all over ...  READ MORE

  • "I stopped in the store today and the woman who was there was absolutely fantastic. She not only knows the product but knows her physiology of the foot and ankle like the back of her hand!She was kind and professional. She took a long time with me and one other customer who was there when I was. We not only learned a lot but we had a lot of fun at the same time. I learned so much and am so pleased with the diamond arch support that I will start wearing at work tomorrow."

    —Betsy Riedel
  • "My back felt like I had an ice pick in it for four weeks straight. My chiropractor told me I needed surgery. Instead, I went to the Good Feet Store and purchased the arch supports and my back pain was gone that same day! I have flat feet, so not only did the supports help my back pain, they also improved my balance. My tennis game has improved and my feet don't get tired as quickly as they used to. Thank you so much Good Feet!"

    —Christy Vogel
  • ""I love my Good Feet supports. I went to Florida and it was wonderful not having sore feet with all the walking that I did. I have no pain walking on the hard concert floor of where I work, after all these years of having a sore back and knees. Thank you Good Feet.""

    —Jessica P.
  • "I have arthritis in both knees and it gets painful at times especially going up and down stairs. My wife started looking at Good Feet and get after me to go and take a look. I was really skeptical. I tried both the aggressive and the moderate and I was pretty quickly surprised at the effect in a couple of minutes. After buying and going through the break-in process, I can tell you that my knees feel a whole lot better. A significant amount of ease when I walk and go up and down stairs. For me, it was well worth the money and it sure is better than cortisone injections."

  • "My son is 15. He practices and/or plays basketball for AAU & his high school varsity team on average of 5 hours per day, 7 days a week. For about a year he has complained about his feet and ankles. We took him to numerous doctors; all confirming that due to his constant exercising, he had worn down the arch in his feet. My husband took him to a Good Feet store and in 1 month, he was able to play again without any pain, and the arch has been restored in both feet. We are so grateful for this product and helping my son continue his dream of playing basketball. Thank you Good Feet!"

  • "I was skeptical at first about the inserts/arch supports, especially the price, but thanks to a great salesperson (Christy) who is very knowledgeable in the products she sells I walk pretty much pain free now. Price wise you get what you pay for."

  • "walking was my 1st passion (15 miles weekly without fail). When I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis(already had a heelspur) I knew what effect that would have on my foot. 1 1/2 year later (and 2 cortizone shots) still no relief; I thought my walking days were over. I tried other forms of excercise, but I so missed my walking,(that's MY me time). The shots gave me NO relief. Already had surgery on the other foot, so this wasn't my 1st rodeo. Years of working as a respiratory therapist(in hospitals)I was slowly(and painfully) at the end of my rope.I heard goods things about Good Feet and decided this was my last resort/so (after seeing all the good reviews)I gave it a shot. I spent 4 hours at your store and Christy was so patient educating me, getting to know my needs,and making sure that I was wearing them correctly. What a wake up call. Not only is she an asset to your company,She took the time I needed to be completely satisfied. And yes there were other customers in the store.I bought 2 pair with instructions to how break them in. I left the store with renewed hope of getting. Last week I started walking again(1 mile only)following the break in period. What a moment.I was crying tears of JOY with ever step. I had surgery 20 years for the other foot/spurs in both feet. She told me the company has been opened 19 years so I missed the boat by 1 year. For me, your orthotics are not just a bandaid on a bullet wound; but an intervention. This gave me my life back. Although I still have pain from time to time(only when I'm sitting) this has been a life saving experience. Thumbs up on your product/and Christy.I got my life back and will NOT take 1 more step without wearing them."