Erin C

(Appleton, WI)

Came to the store with severe heel pain. With one try of the orthotics, the pain was gone. I would highly recommend anyone with foot or heel pain to try this.

Doug L

(Appleton, WI)

Walked in to be greeted by a very nice lady who asked me how she could help me. I told her my foot problems and what i was wanting. She took me through the process being very courteous and caring through the process. As a pre-qualifier, I've been having borderline severe plantar fascitiis for almost a month now. She offered me an orthotic insert specifically designed to deal with that. It has been 1 day and my life has CHANGED! Woke up for the 1st time in a long time with NO pain!!! A-MAZING! Total game changer. In my opinion, a little to expensive for what I'm getting but honestly, there's no price i can put on the relief I'm now receiving. Very happy, very satisfied. Thanks, Good Feet Store!

Joe E

(De Pere, WI)

After many years of lower back pain, and problems walking, I went to the Good Feet store and was fitted for inserts. Upon walking with the inserts, I felt immediate pain relief and felt that walking was indeed more pleasurable and comfortable again. Thanks for the great service.

Chad L

(Black Creek, WI)

Due to a motorcycle crash, my hips are 7 mm out of level causing a ton of back pain. These supports have taken all of my pain away from my lower back pain.

Joseph S

(Two Rivers, WI)

Tried the supports out. Made my back and knees feel good right away. I have had knee issues for over 40 years. Could tell the difference immediatey. I’m looking forward to putting them in my work boots

Al T

(Manitowoc, WI)

After having foot and knee pain for some time putting in Good Feet inserts gave me instant relief. I work on my feet 9 hours a day and put many miles on in a day. These inserts have made a huge relief on my body. And made me a happier man and my wife loves it.

Kevin C

(Hortonvile, WI)

I had a knee replacement 7 years ago, and had my other knee operated on, my feet were in very bad pain every day. I tried the inserts from good feet and my feet felt better instantly, I’m glad I stopped here, I will be wearing them every day to take the pain away.

Jan M

(Green Bay, WI)

I had ankle pain, bought inserts and had great results, so much that 1 year later, my husband came in and bought some for his heel and back pain. Love them!

Jim D

( Beaver Dam, WI)

I have had the good feet supports for over 10 years and love them. The reason I went to the store was for sore knees and arches of the feet. I bought the system and within a matter of weeks, I was amazed of how good I felt. Now I wouldn’t go without them.

Diane H

(Green Bay, WI)

Cannot live without them, I’ve had back pain – 2 hip replacements and need knee replacements. I’m on my feet from 6 am to 9 pm most days and wearing these. I don’t mind at all, love these, these are a life saver.

Dean G

(Green Bay, WI)

Came in with back pain and foot pain. Now I can walk without pain. Makes me feel like doing things, walking, playing, just having fun. They took the pain away.

Mary S

(Waupaca, WI)

I was referred to Good Feet by coworkers. I stand for 8 to 10 hours and my feet, back and knees where killing me. Cindy was extremely knowledgeable and very understanding of my problems. She put me in shoes and inserts. Instantly my back and knee pain was gone. I love my shoes and inserts.

Shauna K

(Appleton, WI)

I work every day standing and I developed plantar fascia which became very painful and I missed work 6 days. I had injections and nothing was helping. I stopped into the store to check it out. That day I was on a pain scale of 7. I walked out with new shoes, inserts and a pain scale of 2. I was amazed and have been doing great since! My posture has improved as well! 110% supportive of the results I've received! Thank you Good Feet for giving my life back!

Judy B

(Appleton, WI)

I had surgery on both feet. After my healing time the bottom of my feet hurt especially the fat pad. After visiting the Good Feet Store in Appleton WI and a super saleslady fitted me properly and I have had no trouble since. The sales lady was Cindy N. Thanks to her and her excellent knowledge I am pain free.

Bridget D

(Appleton, WI)

Well after spending close to over $1000.00 over the past years for Podiatrist/specially made orthotics over the counter orthotics/Infomercial products, for my Planters Fasciitis, well I finally broke down and went to the Good Feet Store. I have to say from listening to all the commercials about how people walk in with pain and walk out pain free.... well I can attest to that. Yes they were more expensive than what I had thought, and blew me away with what he quoted me, but I told him my budget and he stayed within what I could afford. For the first time I put my shoe on with the orthotics and insoles in, well it immediately took my ankle pain away and about 90% of my heel pain. I can....without a doubt...say I walked out PAIN FREE...Thank you Good Feet Store and Tom for giving me my feet back. :)


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