Erin C

(Appleton, WI)

Came to the store with severe heel pain. With one try of the orthotics, the pain was gone. I would highly recommend anyone with foot or heel pain to try this.

Al T

(Manitowoc, WI)

After having foot and knee pain for some time putting in Good Feet inserts gave me instant relief. I work on my feet 9 hours a day and put many miles on in a day. These inserts have made a huge relief on my body. And made me a happier man and my wife loves it.

Dean G

(Green Bay, WI)

Came in with back pain and foot pain. Now I can walk without pain. Makes me feel like doing things, walking, playing, just having fun. They took the pain away.

Judy B

(Appleton, WI)

I had surgery on both feet. After my healing time the bottom of my feet hurt especially the fat pad. After visiting the Good Feet Store in Appleton WI and a super saleslady fitted me properly and I have had no trouble since. The sales lady was Cindy N. Thanks to her and her excellent knowledge I am pain free.

Bridget D

(Appleton, WI)

Well after spending close to over $1000.00 over the past years for Podiatrist/specially made orthotics over the counter orthotics/Infomercial products, for my Planters Fasciitis, well I finally broke down and went to the Good Feet Store. I have to say from listening to all the commercials about how people walk in with pain and walk out pain free.... well I can attest to that. Yes they were more expensive than what I had thought, and blew me away with what he quoted me, but I told him my budget and he stayed within what I could afford. For the first time I put my shoe on with the orthotics and insoles in, well it immediately took my ankle pain away and about 90% of my heel pain. I can....without a doubt...say I walked out PAIN FREE...Thank you Good Feet Store and Tom for giving me my feet back. :)


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