Maria R.

(Austin, TX)

Came in with hammertoe problems, have to record I walk at least one mile a day for my doc. Scot was amazing, got me fitted with supports and the right type of shoe. Feet feel like you're walking in clouds. No more pain in knees, toes or lower back.

Tammy Q.

(Austin, TX )

Pain level before walking into store was at an 11. The top of my feet as well as the balls of my feet were SO painful!! During my visit, Scot was excellent in his service which enabled my comfort back down to my satisfaction! I left the store with a lain level of a 3. Great Care and service!

Hilary M.

(Austin, TX)

I've had my supports for 3 weeks and my pain is down to practically nothing. Mike helped me out with the sizing and the entire experience was amazing. I highly recommend this place to anyone with any kind of foot pain. It is definitely worth it!

Brenda J.

I am not a typical customer, in that I did not have any pain prior to using The Good Feet Store. I have worn custom orthotics for years and it was time to replace them, so I stopped into the Good Feet Store first. They fitted me with an arch support that felt very much like my custom arch supports and off I went. The next few days the pain in my feet were horrible. So I went back in for another fitting, fearing I had made a mistake. They fitted me with another arch support and over the next few weeks the pain was much less, but still not as good as before I started the whole process. I again went in for a third fitting and no one was more surprised than me, but there was absolutely no pain after the third fitting. Not only that, but my feet felt so good after running my usual 4 miles that I started adding miles to my run to see how far I could run without any pain. To my surprise, I was able to run 10 miles at a time with absolutely no pain at all! After about six months my hips started to hurt after I would run, so I went back to the store and asked if it would help to do another fitting. They said that with all the running, I had likely flattened out the arch supports and that is why my hips were beginning to hurt. So they fitted me with an arch support with a slightly harder material and said to come back if that didn't fix the problem. I am very confident that the problem will be fixed. All of that said, I would like to say that I am a 55 year old grandma and never dreamed I would be able to run 10 miles at a time. I am very happy with the results so far. Also, these supports are good for life and so it is actually much cheaper for me than to buy custom supports every few years.

Robert Y.

(Austin, TX )

Before I bought the supports my heel as well as the whole bottom of my feet hurt constantly .I've had the supports for 5 months and my pain is nearly gone! Scot fitted me for the supports and I recommend them to everyone. I brought my brother in and he also is wearing the supports.

Tom W.

(Austin, TX )

Entirely a positive experience! It was obvious my salesman Mike new the product and explained it in a way that I understood and was able to get excited about. Of course the proof is in the pudding and once I put the supports on my feet, I was sold. Sore feet are a quality of life issue and it is hard to put a price on that.

Martin E.

(Austin, TX)

I came in looking for help for my feet. I talked to Dave and he explained to me the benefits of using the 3 step program they have. Once I slipped in those soles, I immediately starting feeling a difference. I felt like a massage like and full support on my feet. I am sold with this product and will recommend it to all my friends. I came in with pain in my feet and joints and now they are gone.

Eric V.

(Austin, TX )

Dave helped me at good feet. The bottom of my feet and muscles all the way up my legs hurt. It was so bad I couldn't walk. I limped in and Dave fitted me in about 45 minutes. He answered all my questions. By the time I left the store the pain was 30% pain Reduction. I am happy with my purchase. Thank you Dave. I look forward to less and less pain.

Bonnie D.

(Austin, TX)

Dave helped me with new shoes and arch supports. They make my feet feel better already. I am looking forward to pain free days. The service was very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks so much.

Jeanine S.

(Austin, TX)

David was incredibly helpful - he listened to my problems and offered up great solutions, which I am hopeful will solve all my pain! I'm excited to try the custom orthotics that he recommended. Not only was he diligent in explaining all of the support options but he was incredibly patient as we rolled in 10 minutes before the store closed and with a fussy baby too! Can't thank him enough for all his efforts and I'm no longer dreading standing for 8+ hours at work!!

Louis M.

(Austin, TX)

Rich did a great job. My foot feels better than it has in weeks. I'm hoping for continued improvement over the coming weeks. My heel pain is much better now. Thank you!

Tonia N.

(Austin, TX)

Came into Good Feet with a lot of pain on bottom of heel. Dave was the consultant who took care of me. Was very helpful with the process. Had supports for a little while and are starting to know the real difference. Thanks Good Feet for helping me with my pain.

David A.

(Austin, TX)

Mike fitted me width supports and a new pair of shoes about a year ago and I have been pain free for a year now. I just came back for my year review and was helped by Scott who checked the fit and arch supports. The service visit was fast but thorough. If your feet are hurting please visit the Good Feet Store, you will be glad you did.

Karen H.

(Austin, TX)

I love my new inserts. No more achy feet when I get home from a long day’s work. Rich and Mike were both very helpful. Once I needed a tweak in my inserts, it took about 10 minutes and I was out the door. They explained everything I could ever want to know about the use of the correct inserts.


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