Pamela D.

(Austin, TX)

I came in with pain and Scot help me so much. The inserts removed the pressure from my knees, the ball of my foot and my heels. It was amazing. You have a great employee in Scot He presented himself very professionally and very knowledgeable. I will recommend Good Feet to anyone. Thank you.

Chase R.

(Austin, TX)

Love these guys. Super friendly and helpful. I've have had my supports for about 5 months now, and I'd say a solid 95% of my foot, knee and back pain is GONE. My only regret is, not going to see them sooner.

Rosie F.

(Austin, TX)

I went to The Good Feet Store after 6 months of absolutely terrible experiences with two well-known local podiatrists. These docs managed to "custom cast" me 3 pairs of ridiculous supports, all of which were extremely uncomfortable and caused severe sharp knee pain. Mike at Good Feet listened to my story, listened to my needs and helped me with orthotics appropriate for my 8-5 everyday shoes, my very active lifestyle, and orthotics that I could wear with my cowboy boots when I am out in the dance halls. Mine was not an easy case - I have had chronic back and hip pain for 25 years, as well as a significant difference in the length of my legs. I've been wearing my Good Feet orthotics comfortably for 3 months with no back, hip or knee pain. The orthotics I wore out of the store are the orthotics I continue to wear today. Best part... I have not had to go back to a podiatrist, my life is not consumed with follow up doctor visits, and I can easily and comfortably work, walk, run, travel, lift, row, and dance without having worry about pain.

Cat G.

(Austin, TX)

Doug was great! He brought out every type of insert and a pair of tennis shoes for me to try. He helped me choose the perfect insert and before trying on the tennis shoe I asked if he could show me some others that were more my style. As a good salesman should do…Doug picked up on my personality from our conversation about music and he said, "I think I know which one you'll like”. In the short time I was there he picked the exact tennis shoe for me that I would have picked! It was like walking on air so I bought a pair. Most comfortable shoes I have ever had on my feet! Thanks Doug!

Donna G.

(Austin, TX)

My husband and I were both fitted by Good Feet with orthotics (Scott and Dave). After going back for a further fitting, our orthotics fit great now. We appreciate the store personnel's for doing everything they could to make sure we are happy and satisfied customers. We recommend Good Feet unconditionally as a way to prevent that dreaded foot surgery ordeal. Walking is now fun and comfortable for the first time in years.

Sekethia T.

(Austin, TX)

Dave assisted me today, I was experiencing pain in my right keen and Achilles. After walking in the good feed supports I felt lighter on my feet and there was no pain in my Achilles anymore. I've tried other arch supports and I'm still having the same issues. I'm looking forward to wearing them daily and experience no pain and better support.

Elizabeth L.

(Austin, TX)

I have been complaining about my feet my entire life; to the point my feet, hips, knees, and back hurt on a daily basis. I had heard of Good Feet but had already tried other inserts with no success. After spending quite a bit of time with Rich, I see now there is no comparison. I now have a gradual set of orthotics to help me reshape my feet. The few simple tests of balance with and without the inserts was enough to get my attention but the instant relief off of my heels and lower back sealed the deal. They have a phenomenal team working in Austin and we were blessed to have worked with Rich. My mother and I spent a few hours there with a million questions. Rich was passionate, kind, and enthusiastic with every answer. The price is but higher than store bought orthotics but you are literally buying one set for a lifetime. I'm so glad my mother convinced me to stop in. Thank you all so very much!


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