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Cristi H.

(Kansas City)

I had a great experience with Filly at the Good Feet Store. She really took some time to figure out exactly what I needed. I especially loved that she didn't try to sell me things I didn't really need. I went in there because my foot pain was so bad I was having difficulty walking down the stairs in the morning, and my first few steps after sitting down were very painful. I'm happy to report that all of that is gone now, which is a huge deal considering I'm a server by trade.

Leonard M.

(Kansas City)

I've been working with my foot doctor for years and never came close to the immediate relief that David Sisco gave me when I finally went into Good Feet. Their stuff gets my full endorsement.

Steve S.

(Kansas City)

Chuck very quickly and efficiently handled my needs. I was in and out in about 15 minutes. The people at the Good Feet store, Merriam, are always happy to see you and eager to satisfy. That's why I use this store.

Christi D.

(Kansas City)

We working with Chuck Coleman for our 10-year-old daughter's feet. She has been experiencing pain and Chuck was great at explaining how the system works. We are looking forward to good results and appreciated his straight-forward approach.

Maxine L.

(Kansas City)

I have never been in the Good Feet Store. This morning I decided to call to ask questions because my ankle was in so much pain and burning. So when I arrived at the store I was greeted by Chris Long with such compassion I could have cried. He saw me barely walking into the store in so much pain and discomfort. I can say when I left the store I was no longer having a hard time walking back to my card the pain had subsided down to 3 being that 10 is the highest. I am so grateful, I prayed and God answered my prayer. He blessed me to meet Chris Long and He used Chris Long to help me be delivered.

Pat L.

(Kansas City)

In January 2014, I slipped on some ice and wrenched my left knee. The doctor gave me pain pills and told me how to take care of my knee, stating that it would probably be better soon. I limped and hobbled by way through life with pain continuing in my knee; then pain started in my left foot. I thought of going back to the doctor until a friend of mine recommended I go check into shoe supports at the Good Feet Store. So in June 2014, I made the trip from Kansas City, MO, to Merriam, KS. I spoke with a person by the nickname of Filly and she put a set of supports into a pair of tennis shoes, put the shoes on me, and asked me to walk around the store. I had NO pain. It was the first time in 6 months that my knee nor my foot hurt me! After a few minutes, my foot began to hurt some, but not as much as it did before. I bought the supports and have been using them every day since. My knee still does not hurt and the pain in my foot is getting better every day. I thank Filly and the Good Feet Corporation for such a remarkable product.

Janeth P.

(Kansas City)

I am forever great full with Carl and Mitch they helped me find supports for my 5 year old who had been having leg pain for month. They treat you like family. My dad loves his supports as well. Thank you.


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