Bonnie R.

(Kansas City)

the only thing that has helped aching feet, knees and low back with bulging disc. Believe me I tried them all from chiropractors to dept stores. Inserts that work! No hype!

Harold P.

(Kansas City)

I will not go into details about the good feet store, but all I will say is that I had a great experience. No pressure sale, just pain relief that I have been experiencing. A lot of our issues with back, hip, knee, joint etc etc pain comes from our feet like the roots of a tree. All I will say is if you acknowledge any of these pain issues please visit your nearest good feet store... Awesome day today, Thanks for the road to recovery for the original arches in my feet....I will post later comments from results as well... Good Health Good Wealth to all!

Karen W.

(Kansas City)

I have plantar fasciitis and have been in pain for several mos. After 1 month of wearing the inserts daily my pain has gone from about a 7 down to a 1or 2. Much less swelling in my ankle and knee. I love them! I have recommended them to several others and would highly recommend at least going in and talking with them if you have foot/leg issues.


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