Douglas L

(Kansas City)

Walked in to be greeted by a very nice lady who asked me how she could help me. I told her my foot problems and what i was wanting. She took me through the process being very courteous and caring through the process. As a pre-qualifier, I've been having borderline severe plantar fascitiis for almost a month now. She offered me an orthotic insert specifically designed to deal with that. It has been 1 day and my life has CHANGED! Woke up for the 1st time in a long time with NO pain!!! A-MAZING! Total game changer. In my opinion, a little to expensive for what I'm getting but honestly, there's no price i can put on the relief I'm now receiving. Very happy, very satisfied. Thanks, Good Feet Store!

Roberta C.

(Kansas City)

I went to the Good Feet store after experiencing heel pain that was becoming severe enough to restrict my walking. Online the symptoms fit Plantar Fasciitis. Chris helped me when I arrived. He took foot impressions, showed me how I was standing incorrectly (which was contributing to the problem), and then went to the back to get the properly sized and fitted corrective inserts. He showed me how to put them in the shoes I was wearing, then I tried walking with the new inserts in the shoes. The difference was incredible! Chris did a wonderful job assisting me, and the pain was much less immediately. I was able to walk normally instead of limping as I left the store. Thank you, Chris!


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