Matthew H

(West Allis, WI)

I suffered with terrible foot pain due to very flat feet. Also suffered from lower back and hip pain. Since wearing my Good Feet inserts, they have really changed my life for the better, Less pain in my feet and a stronger lower back. Thank You Good Feet.

Cathy R

(West Allis, WI)

My visit to the Good Feet Store in Milwaukee was very good. Mike was very helpful, explaining how the inserts will help my overall posture and assist in limiting my foot and back pain. In just two weeks, I feel so much better. Thanks for overall great service and great product!

Kerry D

(Milwaukee, WI)

I've been wearing the Good Feet inserts for at least 5 years, and love them. I recently went to the store to pick up a couple of foot pads that go over my inserts and was introduced to the Brooks Shoes. I've ran in one of the most recent 1/2 marathons in Milwaukee and I was looking to replace my running shoes. I was very glad I did because they are very comfortable and work well with my inserts. Of course good inserts ..good shoes....Good Feet!

Jeffrey C

(Milwaukee, WI)

I have been using these inserts for 15 years. Had foot pain,and lower back trouble. I have had no back problems since I started using these. I know when they need replacing when my feet start hurting. I have gone through numerous sets. Worth the money. My only complaint is I have to drive 60 miles now to get them replaced. I first bought them in Madison.


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