Jeanie L

(St. Francis, WI)

In 2010 I knew I needed help for both feet. I heard the commercials and stopped in to this store. I work for 8-10 hours daily on my feet. Our job is busy and you need to “pick up the pace”. The help from the team at the Good Feet Store was truly a game changer. I was fitted with inserts both a casual for sandals and also an other insert for the “work” shoes. I am thankful for the foot care and the relief of foot pain. Thanks to The Good Feet Store!!

Len H

(Sheboygan Falls- WI)

I first came to the Good Feet store in may of 2011 with ankle and foot pain. I’m very active and I enjoy exercising and I also do a lot of house painting which means many hours on a ladder. With my inserts, I can honestly say that I had no more pain in my feet for the last 4years. I’m back at the store today 9/4/15 because I think I wore them out! I look forward to getting a new pair of insoles and continue being pain free.

Michael G

(Greenfield, WI)

I had problems with my feet for years. I tried orthotics several times over the years. They were prescribed by a dr. None of them lasted, they would crack or collapse and not work. I saw a good feet commercial on TV, thought I had nothing to lose. Being a mailman, I’m on my feet all day. It was the best thing I ever did. I’ve had them now for 7 years and just love them!

Jacque L

(Brookefield, WI)

The orthotics I got from Good Feet saved my comfort and my excitement about exercising and walking. With a high arch, added weight and an aging body, they were trust my salvation. Thanks Good Feet….I have loved you for over 15 years!

Steven W

(Milwaukee, WI)

Staff welcomed me and seemed to be very knowledgeable about my heel and hip pain. since wearing the good feet arch supports my hip pain has been considerably less and my feet and heels are feeling better. I had no idea that my hip pain was related to my feet. Thanks

Cathy R

(West Allis, WI)

My visit to the Good Feet Store in Milwaukee was very good. Mike was very helpful, explaining how the inserts will help my overall posture and assist in limiting my foot and back pain. In just two weeks, I feel so much better. Thanks for overall great service and great product!

Laurie L

Recently purchased some new inserts from the Good Feet store in Wauwatosa. I have been wearing them for years but needed a different one for the pain I was having. I have been working with Dan at the Wauwatosa location and he rocks. I have had to come back a few times to adjust the the insert. Dan has been nothing but wonderful. It is people like Dan that give customer service a great name.

Kerry D

(Milwaukee, WI)

I've been wearing the Good Feet inserts for at least 5 years, and love them. I recently went to the store to pick up a couple of foot pads that go over my inserts and was introduced to the Brooks Shoes. I've ran in one of the most recent 1/2 marathons in Milwaukee and I was looking to replace my running shoes. I was very glad I did because they are very comfortable and work well with my inserts. Of course good inserts ..good shoes....Good Feet!

David W

(West Allis, WI)

This is my 5 year anniversary of walking into the good feet store. I was just talking with a friend about foot pain and told him it was the best money I have spent. Yes, it was 4 times the cost that I had in my head walking in to the store but 5 years later I have been pain free and never think about my feet. That's RIGHT......not the first thing I think about getting out of bed..........the second thing I think about walking down the hall.........or the dreaded walk to the office after sitting in a car for 30 minutes. Nope, 5 years and they never cross my mind. At 36 now I felt I was too young to have foot pain 5 years ago, after the GOOD FEET Store I was right. If you are thinking about checking these inserts out I can't tell you enough that you will be extremely satisfied down the road. I had 75% less pain after 1 week and was pain free after 2 weeks. Save up a little longer because in this case you get what you pay for! Top quality and Top service! Instead of walking on broken glass I again walk with purpose, thanks GOOD FEET STORE!

Dan L

(Milwaukee, WI)

The pain in my feet and legs were unbearable. Figured I would give the inserts a try. I noticed the difference right away and even though I still have to get use to the inserts, my massive feet and leg pain is gone.

Marty E

(Milwaukee, WI)

I had a great experience in the good feet store. The sales person was very helpful and answered all of my questions! I truly believe we took a step in right direction! Thumbs up


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