Richard S

(Milwaukee, WI)

I'm having both knees replaced in November, so I was interested in shoes that would aid in my recovery. I also have problem feet, so wanted to look into solutions for that as well. Found both and am extremely pleased at this point. Pricey...yes, but so far seems to be well worth the expense

Laurie L

Recently purchased some new inserts from the Good Feet store in Wauwatosa. I have been wearing them for years but needed a different one for the pain I was having. I have been working with Dan at the Wauwatosa location and he rocks. I have had to come back a few times to adjust the the insert. Dan has been nothing but wonderful. It is people like Dan that give customer service a great name.

Kerry D

(Milwaukee, WI)

I've been wearing the Good Feet inserts for at least 5 years, and love them. I recently went to the store to pick up a couple of foot pads that go over my inserts and was introduced to the Brooks Shoes. I've ran in one of the most recent 1/2 marathons in Milwaukee and I was looking to replace my running shoes. I was very glad I did because they are very comfortable and work well with my inserts. Of course good inserts ..good shoes....Good Feet!


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