Ralph S

(Lake Geneva, WI)

I have had my insoles for four years. I originally came in because of plantar fascia. I have not had any problems since I got my insoles. Previously, sometimes I had to use a cane when I got up in the morning. the good feet store has been very good with check-ups to make sure my insoles are still giving me the best support.

Wendy C

(Oak Creek, WI)

I came 12 years ago with a severe case of plantar fasciitis. The inserts cleared up my problem within 2 months. Years later I’m back because I know they work!

Emily H

(Milwaukee, WI)

I had a great experience! Purchased 2 sets of supports to help my bad plantar fasciitis. My symptoms were terrible while 7 months pregnant and they worked tremendously to stop the pain. I am continuing to wear them now that baby is born and I swear they have cured my foot pain and leg cramps!

Linda B

(Milwaukee, WI)

Stopped in to see Patrick to get insole cushions 05/06/2015. Bought arch supports that cured my plantar fasciitis in the late 1990's with phenomenal relief the very first week, something not achieved with custom orthotic from Orthopedist! Still wear everyday orthotics for flat feet and say "Ah..." every time I walk. Thanks for your quality product and continued support after all these years.

Kerry D

(Milwaukee, WI)

I've been wearing the Good Feet inserts for at least 5 years, and love them. I recently went to the store to pick up a couple of foot pads that go over my inserts and was introduced to the Brooks Shoes. I've ran in one of the most recent 1/2 marathons in Milwaukee and I was looking to replace my running shoes. I was very glad I did because they are very comfortable and work well with my inserts. Of course good inserts ..good shoes....Good Feet!

Mike M

(West Allis, WI)

I have used Alzners for years which have helped my plantar fasciitis tremendously. I also where Relaxers in my slippers in the house. Recently had a project causing me to stand on concrete every day for 3 weeks and some pain came back (if I weren't wearing GF orthotics I could have never even considered doing this project). Visited Mike and he recommended a pair of Maintainers, which I bought and they solved the problem almost immediately. I switch between the Alzners and Maintainers for such heavy "on my feet" activities and the problem is solved. Thanks Mike. Mike M


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