Good Feet Arch Supports

Fit With Precision Because No Two Feet Are Alike

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Engineered for Pain Relief

All three categories of Good Feet Arch Supports are engineered for pain relief, personally fit with precision in stores, and designed to help improve the poor biomechanics that often cause foot-related problems.

Each category of Good Feet Arch Supports is available in a wide range of flexibilities — extra firm to soft — thereby promoting maximum comfort, performance, and versatility that fits the needs of every foot and every lifestyle.

How Arch Supports Help
Personally Fit

Every store offers a free, no-obligation, personalized fitting by one of our Arch Support Specialists.

Try Before You Buy

Take all the time you need to walk around the store and see for yourself what feels and fits best in your shoes.

Made in USA

All Good Feet products are proudly made in the USA.


Designed to reposition and strengthen the foot into an ideal position by supporting all four arches.

When your feet are in their ideal position, body weight is evenly distributed. This results in improved balance and skeletal alignment and often alleviates foot, hip, knee, and back pain.

This arch support insert works well for activities that require balance, like golf or weightlifting, and for people who are on their feet all day on hard surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete.

Strengtheners are designed to support the inner longitudinal, outer longitudinal, metatarsal, and transverse arches of the foot.

This arch support insert is best worn in athletic shoes, work boots, or casual sneakers.


Designed to maintain the foot’s arch infrastructure and provide support for all-day comfort and pain relief.

Maintainers are designed to “maintain” the foot in the ideal position which Strengtheners can establish.

While still supporting all four arches, Maintainers are less aggressive with lower arch support features.

The Maintainer’s low profile and flat heel platform allows more movement for the foot, this makes them a great support for a wider variety of athletic activities and lateral sports.

Maintainers have a thin, low profile design which accommodates a wide variety of shoe styles such as dress shoes, loafers, sandals, mules, and even heels.


Designed to gently support the foot. This arch support insert is best used to rest your feet from other more aggressive arch support inserts.

By gently supporting the foot, Relaxers help reduce the adjustment time required for the other stronger supports by helping our body to remember how it should be aligned.

With no metatarsal rise, a lower and more flexible inner and outer longitudinal support, and flat heel platform, Relaxers are designed to gently support the foot while allowing more movement than other arch supports inserts.

Designed to offer a “rest” period from the alignment work the other supports are providing, Relaxers still support three of the four arches.

As one of our thinnest and lightest weight supports, Relaxers are ideal for sandals, slippers, flats or other tight-fitting shoes.

The 3-Step System

Do you have foot, knee, hip, or back pain?

The 3-Step System is specifically designed to strengthen, maintain, and relax your feet into their ideal position and provide relief from foot-related pain.

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Try Them Before You Buy

Our focus is on making sure you are precisely fit, and letting you try the arch supports for yourself.

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You Can Wear Them Home

Once you’ve been fitted and have found the supports that work the best for you, you’ll be able to wear your new arch support inserts home.

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