Linda R.

(Glen Carbon, IL)

I had so much pain in my heel that I could barely walk. Once I came to the Good Feet store, I was fitted with inserts. There was 100% difference, easy to use, fits in most /all shoes. I have had these for almost a year and have not gone a day without them.

Nicole E

(Smithboro, IL)

As a pharmacist, I stand on my feet all day. Before I first came to the good feet store, my heels hurt so bad that I was walking around on my tip toes all day. My heels would start hurting with my first step out of bed. Now, I can do anything I want and my feet never hurt. I wear them every day and anywhere I go. I love my Good Feet inserts.

David P.

(Mount Vernon, IL)

I Had heel pain more so when getting up in the morning. These arch supports corrected the pain and was able to work without any pain. I love these things and would recommend to anyone.

Autumn R.

(Mascoutah, IL)

They help with everyday aches in my feet and knees. I’ve tried arch supports from other places, but nothing compares to the relief that I get from these.

Reginald H.

(Willowbrook, IL)

I just want to say I love these things, bought them about a year ago , the balls of my feet where hurting. Now that pain is gone. If you’re thinking about buying these, “Do it”.

Carlton H.

(Creve Coeur, MO)

When I went in I could barely walk, by the end of the day I was feeling so much better. My feet and ankles haven't felt this good for 20 years. For my needs, it was the best money I've ever spent.

Marian L.

(Creve Coeur, MO)

I inquired about Good Feet Orthotics because of persistent lower back and foot pain. I found my sales representative, Gregory Echols to be very professional, knowledgeable, and educational from the custom sizing process to the post-sale follow up to ensure proper use, comfort, and benefit. I love my Orthotics!

Kayla E.

(Creve Coeur, MO)

The staff at the good feet store was great. Greg Echols did an exceptional job diagnosing my family's needs for corrective shoe inserts. The inserts really helped in improving our arches and posture. He offered excellent service even after the sale with follow-ups to see how we were doing and reminded me of my daughter's insert replacement. Highly recommended.

Charles D.

(Creve Coeur, MO)

I was having arch pain on my right foot and as a dentist, I'm on my feet constantly. I described my symptoms to Lowell and he fitted me with inserts that alleviated the pain and discomfort almost instantly. I am now pain free and love the orthotics. I found Lowell to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful and have recommended the Good Feet store and Lowell to my staff.

Michael L.

(Shiloh, IL)

I use my Good Feet inserts in every pair of shoes that I own. If I don't the pain returns. It took 10 days to get used to them inside my shoes. I am on my feet all day long at work plus my wife and I love to take walks and hikes as well. Without the inserts this would not be possible. Also, the Good Feet insole cushions outlast the competition so I can justify the cost of them as well.

Shonda W.

(Shiloh, IL)

Working ten hour days with foot pain, I saw the commercials and came to the Good Feet Store. The first moment I stood up with the insoles, Wow no pain!

Mary R.

(Shiloh, IL)

Great experience - from the time you get the new pair on, your feet breathe a sigh of relief! Your entire leg feels the difference. I have a sciatica problem from time to time and these shoes make a big difference - my doctor recognized the difference. Thanks to Good Feet at Shiloh, and Tom.!

Justin H

(Shiloh, IL)

Very nice and not pushy like a salesperson. Really felt like they just wanted to help me and not just sell me something. The supports are life changing. So much relief finally. Thank you good feet.


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