James G.

(St. Louis, MO)

I’ve had Good Feet insoles for over 1 year and have excellent results. Before Good Feet I suffered from plantar fasciitis. Since Good Feet I haven’t had any foot problems. I would recommend them to anyone having problems with their feet.

Ron M.

(Shiloh, IL)

I was suffering from plantar fasciitis in my feet and needed a solution to get my feet back to proper health. I am a runner and didn’t want to stop running The Good Feet store helped with orthotics, which I wear in all my shoes, including my running shoes. I regularly run with the orthotics in my shoes. I am up to 6 miles in distance and the good feet orthotics will be with me when I run my first marathon this April. They really work!

Matthew Y.

(Shiloh, IL)

Had plantar fasciitis, these supports helped tremendously. Have put miles on them every day. They’ve helped so much. Wouldn’t go without them!

Carol S.

(Creve Coeur, MO)

I have had pain in my right foot for 2 months and had just received the diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis from my doctor when I went to the Good Feet Store on Olive. I left wearing the inserts and had no pain. Chris Long was very nice and professional. With their no-interest payment plan, the price is very doable and they have a life-time warranty. I feel like I made a very good decision and expect to be very happy.

Marian L.

(Creve Coeur, MO)

I inquired about Good Feet Orthotics because of persistent lower back and foot pain. I found my sales representative, Gregory Echols to be very professional, knowledgeable, and educational from the custom sizing process to the post-sale follow up to ensure proper use, comfort, and benefit. I love my Orthotics!

Lynda C.

(Creve Coeur, MO)

Was very skeptical....have tried a lot of different avenues for plantar fascitis and heel spur....with NO LUCK! Enter the good feet people, Brian B., in particular, who helped me that fateful Monday. Have been pleasantly surprised by the way my feet have responded to shoe inserts....remarkable!...almost pain free!!!!! Anticipate that in the next few weeks things will get even better since it's only been 4 days right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Money was well worth spending for the relief that I have gotten. Please people don't hesitate to go to the good feet store and see Brian B.


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