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Are you suffering from foot pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, hammertoes or bunions? You don’t have to live with foot pain, hip, knee or back pain anymore! Good Feet Arch Supports have helped milli ...  READ MORE

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  • "The inserts make me feel much more comfortable then before. I have a lot less pain in both my feet and my back."

    —Andy Mott
  • "I am doing well for me, due to my sensitivity with fibromyalgia, not to the full extent yet, but improving every day and am listening to my feet as you said and no further burning of my feet and a great deal of lower back pain relief, thank you for your support."

    —Colleen Page
  • "Before coming to GoodFeet I could barely walk after working all day. Having to tell my kids I can’t play with them because my feet hurt too much was terrible. Within a week of getting my insoles I was playing, I was playing in the yard with the kids pain free, it has truly changed my life."

    —Francis Hoffman
  • "I have had left foot discomfort for the past two years, in spite of corrective surgery for flat foot and tears in tendons. Since using the orthotics (purchased October 2010) from GoodFeet, my foot discomfort has diminished a great deal. I am very pleased to have been able to obtain relief from the pain in my foot and rarely notice discomfort with ambulation."

    —Gina Fedele
  • "It’s all good news, you have reduced my foot pain, hip pain, and back pain by 98%, I would say. A month ago I could barely walk. I am a Priest Chaplain at St. Peter’s Hospital. I walk about seven miles a day. To have severely flat feet and walking so much during the day is not a good combination. You have helped me a great deal. Thank you very much."

    —John Tallman
  • "Purchased orthotics probably 5 years + and have had no problems with foot pain or heel spurs since."

    —Kathy Piechock
  • "I purchased the GoodFeet arch supports in 2004 after experiencing chronic pain in the balls of my feet. This pain severely inhibited the walking I did for exercise. As soon as I inserted the arch supports, I began to feel relief from my pain. It was not long before I was able to wear regular shoes again and now I only use the arch supports in my walking shoes. I have had absolutely no foot pain since 2004."

    —Maureen A. Madonia
  • "I was always sceptical about arch supports and the like. I have been in heavy construction for 20+ years and during that time I have suffered increasingly with back, knee and foot pain. Just part of the job right. After a few serious injuries things grew dramatically worse. By the time I walked into Goodfeet, I was barely able to walk unassisted. It was immediate the relief I felt. Who knew?? There was a gentlemen that came into the store at the same time as I, he had also been in a serious accident and crushed both feet and ankles. He walked with two canes. We both walked out of the store that day unassisted and skipping... literally. The joy that comes with that feeling is ineffable. You just don't get it.. until you do. I never realized how much pain I was in, until I wasn't in it anymore. Thanks Goodfeet. You truly have made my life better. I am no where near the grouch I used to be so my wife thanks you too! 2 years with Goodfeet and still skipping."

  • "I was struggling with severe heel pain and was amazed at how, and to the degree, that the Good Feet supports I was fitted to, MADE THE PAIN DISAPPEAR! As the saying goes, the Good Feet product changed my activity life. I highly recommend them."

    —Philip Flack - Albany, NY
  • "The inserts have helped out my Plantar Faciitis so much. I recommend The GoodFeet Store to anyone who asks about my feet issues. I am so thankful for the inserts."

    —Tiffany Machelski
  • "I am absolutely convinced and satisfied with the orthotics. I have complete relief from neck, back, knee and leg pain. “Complete Relief” WOW! A Great Big Thank You!"

    —Tino Franco
  • "My wife got the 3 step system and noticed results the next day. I went back and bought the 3 step system. I am now able to sleep without my knees hurting. I have a lot less pain now wearing my inserts. No more trips to the chiropractor. Thanks GoodFeet!"

    —Tom Heineman
  • "My name is Dave, I am a UPS delivery driver in Buffalo, NY. One thing I can’t live without is my GoodFeet arch supports! Before GoodFeet, evenings in WNY my feet would be in constant pain from being on my feet over 10 hours a day. Now the only pain I feel is when I forget to put mu GoodFeet arch supports in my work shoes before work. My wife is not happy when I call and tell her to drive my arch supports to me, but for her it’s worth it because I come home from work much happier."

    —UPS Dave