Good Feet Debuts New Brand Ambassadors and Campaign for Better Foot Health

Written by The Good Feet Team  •  Last Updated: Sep 04, 2023

The spokespersons will share their journeys of finding relief from plantar fasciitis as part of the #Mygoodfeetjourneycampaign

NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, September 4, 2023/ -- The Good Feet Store, also known as Good Feet, has launched a new initiative–the #Mygoodfeetjourney campaign–to help people prevent ill foot health and identify problems before they worsen. The campaign features new brand ambassadors Nicky Buckley and David Campese, both of whom have overcome struggles with foot and back issues after being fitted with Good Feet’s arch support system.

Good Feet’s campaign follows Nicky, a TV personality and host, and David, a former Australian Rugby Union Player, both active professionals whose lives were affected when they started experiencing ongoing foot, back, and neck pain. These symptoms made standing on their feet for hours at a time in front of large crowds a challenge–until they realised the issues might be foot-related.

“We’re delighted to have Nicky and David on board to help us in our mission to educate the public about better foot health,” said Jarrod Blamey, the Owner of Good Feet Australia. “Every month, thousands of people search for answers online to find out what is causing their heel pain, back pain, and day-to-day foot-related issues. If people were more educated on the symptoms of plantar fasciitis2 and other foot-related ailments, they would be able to find relief faster.”

Blamey also discussed the lack of awareness of foot issues, saying, “When we first speak to our customers, one of the biggest frustrations is that they have never heard of Plantar fasciitis and that finding relief and treatment was hard to come by.”

Plantar fasciitis is a common but often underidentified condition that affects thousands of Australians yearly, leading to chronic foot discomfort and pain. According to a study from Scientific Reports, those with plantar heel pain report experiencing a much lower quality of life than those without plantar heel pain (Scientific Reports 2022).* Studies like these, combined with Good Feet’s own statistics on the lack of foot health education among people who visit their stores, inspired the new educational campaign.

#Mygoodfeetjourney aims to make the public aware of common plantar fasciitis symptoms such as:

  • Persistent heel pain, particularly in the morning

  • Sharp or stabbing pain along the bottom of the foot, especially near the heel

  • Increased discomfort after long periods of standing or walking

  • Difficulty walking or participating in physical activities due to foot pain

  • Tenderness or inflammation in the arch of the foot

William Spielfogel, DPM, a trusted foot and ankle expert, board-certified podiatrist, author, and educator served as one of the medical advisors to help evaluate and improve the efficacy of Good Feet's products.

“Your feet are not supposed to hurt”, explained Dr. Spielfogel. "One of the most common misconceptions I see is that patients think it's normal to have foot pain! Many people say, 'Oh, my feet hurt first thing in the morning,' or they have pain after standing or walking for a while. They think they'll somehow 'work out' the pain.”

"This is not normal. Your feet should not be painful."

In addition to making people aware of these symptoms, the campaign also highlights that individuals who commonly experience plantar fasciitis include: doctors, nurses, restaurant and construction workers, hair stylists, retail employees, members of the military, or any profession that requires prolonged standing.

“With so many companies now seeing the importance of looking after the team's feet, we are now not surprised by the amount of Australian businesses we are working closely with to incorporate our arch supports into their team's work life,” said Blamey.

Both Nicky and David share their stories in the campaign. They detail the pain they each experienced, the effects it had on their lives, and their eventual relief after getting fit for The Good Feet Store’s 3-Step System3. The system includes strengtheners to help foot alignment, maintainers to maintain alignment, and relaxers to provide support when taking a break from alignment.

“At Good Feet, we understand that foot health is often overlooked until problems–like foot, knee, hip, or back pain–arise,” added Blamey. “Our mission is to change this perception by promoting proactive foot care and education.”

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