Meet Dr. William Spielfogel – Good Feet Medical Advisor

Written by The Good Feet Team  •  Last Updated: Jan 17, 2023

A second-generation physician, Dr. William Spielfogel enjoys helping people feel well – which begins with the body's foundation, our feet. He says, "The foot is an intricate structure of bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments that support the body and keep you mobile.”

As a board-certified podiatrist, published author and educator, William Spielfogel, DPM, is a trusted foot and ankle expert. He cares for patients at Hamilton Foot and Ankle Associates offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York, and serves as the Chief of the Department of Podiatry at Northwell Health Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

The Good Feet Store is proud to partner with Dr. Spielfogel as one of our medical advisors to help evaluate and improve the efficacy of our products.

Why Podiatry?


Podiatry is the branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the feet, ankles, and lower leg. Since the average person walks 100,000 miles in a lifetime yet rarely pays much attention to their feet until they hurt, podiatrists often spend time educating their patients about the importance of foot health.

Dr. Spielfogel says, “It's extremely important to keep your feet in great shape to live the life you want.

"Whether someone comes in with a foot or ankle sprain or fracture, a wart, in-grown nail or flat feet, it's a great feeling to be able to provide relief, and keep them active and enjoying life."


Everyone Can Benefit From Better Foot Health


Your feet are not supposed to hurt, explains Dr. Spielfogel. "One of the most common misconceptions I see is that patients think it's normal to have foot pain! Many people say, 'Oh, my feet hurt first thing in the morning,' or they have pain after standing or walking for a while. They think they'll somehow 'work out' the pain. 

"This is not normal. Your feet should not be painful."

It's crucial to remember that your body functions as a single coordinated organism. When one part is out of alignment, it throws the rest of the body off as well. 

So if your hip hurts, or if you have persistent pain in the back, it could very well be due to your feet – the body’s foundation. While feet account for just two percent of the body’s total mass, they must maintain the vertical balance of the remaining 98 percent. That's a big job.


How and Why Good Feet Arch Supports Can Help


As a Good Feet medical advisor who helps evaluate and improve the efficacy of our products, Dr. Spielfogel is an arch support champion. He says, "The beauty of Good Feet Arch Supports is that they are designed to help alleviate pain and keep your feet in good anatomical position and alignment. In addition to your feet, which are the foundation of the body, arch supports help align the entire kinetic chain, including your knees, hips and back. The 3-Step System is especially helpful in keeping your body supported all day long.

"Anybody can benefit from Good Feet Arch Supports. They are especially helpful if you are in pain, as the supports will get your feet back in the proper alignment to help alleviate any pain or discomfort. 

"There's no reason to wait for pain to start. Using Good Feet Arch Supports will keep your feet in the proper position and alignment to help prevent any issues. It never hurts to be proactive."



Your Good Life Start With Good Feet


Step into any of the 200 Good Feet Stores nationwide or abroad for a Free Fitting and Test Walk. Take all the time you need to walk around the store and see what feels best and fits most comfortably in your shoes. If you decide to buy, you'll be able to wear your Good Feet Arch Supports home that very day.

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