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Written by The Good Feet Team  •  Last Updated: Dec 20, 2021

You know what foot pain is costing you now. Can you imagine how your life would change if you experienced the kind of foot pain relief described in The Good Feet Store reviews? These are real people with busy lives who experienced many of the same problems you do, from foot pain to knee pain and back issues. 

Then, they tried Good Feet Arch Supports.

Deedra’s Good Feet Story

Good Feet Store reviews tend to be more intimate than typical product reviews. More than just a description of their experience with our personally fitted arch supports, our customers reviews give us a window into their lives. They share with us how much their foot pain has cost them. And they give us a glimpse into the new life they (re)discover once they find foot pain relief. 

When you meet Deedra, you’ll see what we mean.



Four years after her first review, Deedra hikes through the snow, backpacking along an invisible trail; she tells us about how her Good Feet Arch Supports “give you the freedom to move without pain.”

Just for a moment, think about what you would do with such freedom.

What is your current pain stopping you from doing?

With genuine foot pain relief or the freedom to move without pain, what would you do?

Would you get back to the dancing you love? 

Explore beautiful hiking trails in faraway lands?

Foot pain is limiting. But pain relief opens the world to you, so you can pursue your passions with the freedom to move without pain. This is what we see behind The Good Feet Store reviews.

Deedra’s First Good Feet Store Review

In Deedra’s first Good Feet Store review, she told us, “The pain would shoot up my heels. I would tiptoe out of bed because my heels hurt so badly. When I went to The Good Feet Store, I had a free consultation, free fittings, they allowed me to try on the arch supports.”


It’s easy to relate to Deedra’s story of foot pain. Foot problems affect everything we do and can lead to foot pain, heel pain, and ankle pain, but also knees, hip, and back pain, too.  

Next, Deedra tells us, “I walked around, and I started sobbing because I had no pain.” 

Surprised that foot pain relief could bring you to tears? These happy tears are also the release of years’ worth of pent-up stress and fear, the fear that you might never find a solution. That foot pain and the resulting problems would continue to limit your life. 

But now, Deedra is back, hiking in the snow and loving it. She is living the life she chooses — not the one that foot pain dictates.

That’s why, like with Deedra, we invite you to visit The Good Feet Store and let our trusted team of Good Feet Arch Support Specialists personally fit your feet with the Good Feet Arch Supports you need and deserve. Then, take a walk and see what you think. The fitting is free of charge, with no obligation at all.

Deedra concluded her initial Good Feet Store review saying, “There were no gimmicks. It’s just — try them on. If it doesn’t work for you, then don’t buy them.”

Book a Free Fitting.


Move Beyond The Good Feet Store Reviews

Reviews are valuable because they give us insights into the experiences of other people. We can learn from others to avoid some companies or products and to try others. We are proud to have helped so many thousands of people to achieve the freedom to live their lives pain-free. And we greatly appreciate their Good Feet Store reviews, where they share their experience with you. 

But that’s really all it is. The reviewers are describing their own experiences. 

Now, it’s time for you to move beyond the Good Feet Store reviews and experience foot pain relief yourself.

Because your feet and your pain are unique.

Schedule an appointment for your own free, personalized Good Feet Arch Support fitting, and take them for a test walk. Try before you buy.

You owe it to yourself to learn what life is like with the freedom to move without pain.

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