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Written by The Good Feet Team  •  Last Updated: Jan 10, 2022

You probably don't think about a part of your body until it bothers you. That's just human nature. But when your feet hurt? That's critical. You use your feet every day, for every imaginable activity. Who has the tolerance for constant pain?
A lot of us, apparently. In a recent nationwide survey of 1000 people aged 25 and older, 98% said they experience either foot, knee, hip or back pain that interferes with their day-to-day life –  and nearly half have simply "learned to live with it." What's even worse: of those in chronic pain, almost 40% say they're in pain all the time.


That's heartbreaking.
If this is you, imagine foot pain relief that helps you resume your normal activities. This is what thousands of people who try Good Feet Arch Supports tell us every year in The Good Feet Store reviews. Whether the pain was in their feet, hips, knees, or back, once they started using Good Feet Arch Supports, the pain was alleviated or even eliminated.

Moira’s Good Feet Story

People are eager to share how personally fitted arch supports have made a difference in their lives, because many people assume that the pain cannot be relieved.

For someone like Moira, foot pain relief gave her back her sense of self. It helped her to start living the life she loves again.
Mountain vistas are the backdrop to Moira's Good Feet story. She loves hiking, and "jumping around like a billy goat."

But for a long time, her foot pain made that impossible.
Until she discovered Good Feet Arch Supports.
She says, "I wasn't able to do something that I loved 'cause of my foot pain. I wasn't able to go on hikes."
Her Good Feet Arch Supports changed all that. Today, as she leaps sure-footedly down a mountainside on two good feet, she says, "It really is amazing how these little things that you slip into your shoe make such a big difference."
She now moves with the grace of a gazelle, loping across hills to attain the sweeping vistas that make it all worthwhile for her. With a wide smile and expansive gesture encompassing the mountain range before her, Moira says, "This is my Good Feet story."

Moira’s First Good Feet Store Review

In Moira's first, emotional Good Feet Store review, she told us, "It was like a whole new world for my feet. I could go on a five-mile hike the next day!"

When you're an outdoorsy person accustomed to having the world at your feet, being in constant pain keeps you from being your authentic self. That's how Moira felt, and probably how you feel if every step hurts.
But even if you can't personally relate to Moira's story, she's a shining example of a young person taking control of her life, speaking up about her chronic foot pain, and taking steps to get back to feeling wonderful again.
You may want to share her story with other people in your life who could be struggling with similar pain issues in their feet, hips, knees, or back, but are soldiering on, unaware of the immense and immediate difference that high-quality arch supports can make.
As our survey revealed, most people don't understand the importance of foot health to overall health. When your feet are not properly supported, your entire body can become misaligned – and this can create tremendous discomfort and pain. 
Arch supports can be a valuable investment, not just for people with existing foot health issues, but as a preventive measure for everyone. It's a self-care solution for people of all ages to consider.
Today, Moira says, "It really brought me back to being able to be me."

It’s Time to Take Control of Your Story

What a gift: arch supports that bring you home to yourself. This is why we invite you, like Moira, to visit The Good Feet Store and let one of our trusted Good Feet Arch Support Specialists personally fit your feet with arch supports designed to eliminate your foot pain and bring you back to being the true you.

Our try-before-you-buy approach means you get to walk around in our arch supports and see for yourself whether they work for you. Make an appointment or just stop into The Good Feet Store for your Free Fitting and Test Walk
There's no obligation, and no rush: a trained Good Feet Arch Support Specialist will spend up to an hour getting to know you and your feet, taking into account your lifestyle, activities, and shoe preferences. You can make an appointment, or simply walk in to any one of the more than 180 Good Feet Stores nationwide.
Why wait another minute? A mountain is calling – actual or metaphorical. Whatever challenges you want to climb, happy feet make it a much happier experience.

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Good Feet began as a family-owned business in 1992, with a mission to help people who – like the company's founders – suffered tremendous foot and back pain that diminished their quality of life. Good Feet Arch Supports are designed to relieve foot, knee, hip, and back pain and are personally-fitted to you by an Arch Support Specialist.

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