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Are you suffering from foot pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, hammertoes or bunions? You don’t have to live with foot pain, hip, knee or back pain anymore! Good Feet Arch Supports have helped milli ...  READ MORE

Nothing is as important as being personally fit for your supports–by a person and NOT a machine. Why? Because your arch size is NOT your shoe size. You might wear the same size shoe as another person, ...  READ MORE

Plantar Fasciitis results in irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. The plantar fascia is the very thick band of tissue that holds up the bones on the bottom of the foo ...  READ MORE

Heel pain likely arises from the inflammation of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia encapsulates muscles in the sole of the foot. It supports the arch of the foot by acting as a bowstring to conne ...  READ MORE

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    —Faye M.
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    —Gina C.
  • "I have had over pronation for a long time, which has caused knee and hip pain, and had personally made orthotics that did work temporarily. I got tired of arguing with the doctor about needing new ones, because these were wearing out. So I went to good feet after having talked to my pcp. I was outfitted with the full fledge $700 program and when I wear the orthotics the way I should and I have no foot pain now and am getting over knee mis-alignment due to years of pronation. I do wear them longer than I should because my shifts are 12 hours. I don't like to go without them. Thank you for your help. I just wish that you would file with insurance so that I don't have to"

    —Gloria P.
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    —Kelly B.
  • "I was diagnosed having 2 Taylor's Bunions by a podiatrist. They were hurting constantly. I stand 10 hrs a day at work. The podiatrist said he could make a cast of my arch and have shoe supports made but I couldn't see making a cast of an imperfect foot to solve my problem. I had heard about the Good Foot Store and decided to check it out. They were wonderful in taking impressions of my feet and finding the right arch support for me. I have now had these for7 months and am very pleased with them. They are WELL WORTH the money I paid for them. The supports have solved my feet problems. My feet no longer hurt and I can stand all day without any pain. These supports are incredible and I am so glad I bought them. "

    —Michael Ratliff
  • "First, I would like to comment on the service I received at the Nashville Store...Tara was so helpful! I couldn't afford to purchase the whole set but she convinced me to try the Mid-Flex for my heel spurs (both feet)...Left foot amazing, pain is so much better!!! Right foot not so good because of a recent broken ankle that was surgical repaired. Now after wearing them for over 1 week my feet are so much better. I will recommend this product to all my friends and family. Again thanks to Tara for all her help!"

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  • "I purchased my shoe inserts 15 years ago, and it was the best $100 investment I have ever made. Just moved to a new city last week, and doggone if I didn't leave them behind in the hotel, and they claim they can't find them. I'm heart broken and now need to buy another pair which hopefully will last another 15 years."

    —Sandy Freeman