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For over a quarter century, The Good Feet Store has focused on a single mission: Improving the quality of people’s lives–two feet at a time. So, it makes our day every time we see a review where our customer’s share their success stories.

Each year, thousands of people post their Good Feet Store reviews online, and a small sample are posted here. We encourage you to read the other Good Feet Store reviews on the most popular review sites.

A heartfelt thank you to all of our Good Feet Store customers, and a special shout-out to those who share their stories—past or future!

   The Good Feet Store | Meridian

Staff (Greg) was very professional and helpful from start to finish. Have had the supports for a couple weeks now and have noticed a real difference. Thank you for making this experience enjoyable.
Trisha | Dec 17, 2019

   The Good Feet Store | Salem

Great service, they did a full exam of my feet and provided great care and patience. They gave me a quote on some services and didn’t try to pressure me into buying anything. The guys working were understaffed and still provided great care for everyone including myself that came in.
Jo | Dec 17, 2019

   The Good Feet Store | Kotara

I was a little sceptical at first about The Good Feet Store and what they could do for me or how they could help with my aches and pains. After my first visit and having my feet fitted and inserts in my shoes I was walking straight and no knee or foot pain and that was in the store. Since I am walking every day no pain in hips knees foot ?? or back Thank you to The Good Feet Store
Geraldine | Dec 17, 2019

   The Good Feet Store | Merced

Although the whole process took a little longer than I'd hoped (probably resolved in early October), over all I'm pretty well satisfied with the whole process. Beth & the owner did do a lot of follow up to make sure everything got taken care of. The feet supports have been very helpful. They've helped me to work & walk almost pain free which since helped me lose 40lbs since. My only frustration since is I wish the supports were cheaper. I'd love one extra set so I wouldn't have to switch them from shoe to shoe. You would think for basically spending $1000.00 (no, that’s not a typo) on six little pieces of plastic you would get better customer care. The person who took care of me, Nancy did everything she could to get the sale and has basically forgotten about me since. I was told I would get a follow up call, I never did. They didn’t have my shoe size in stock so Nancy told me she would order and ship the correct size. After almost 2 weeks later I heard nothing from Nancy so I called. She told me she would get back to me. Two days later she said she had received the shoes and she would ship them. I also asked for a copy of the wearing instructions (schedule), I also asked if she could send me some Velcro that other stores hand out by the handful to keep those pieces of plastic in place, Nancy said she would send me a few but normally they sell them (keep in mind, $1000.00 for six little pieces of plastic). She sent me the shoes they already had in stock, (the wrong size). It would be nice if could exchange them to a local store but they are independently owned and they are not friendly about exchanges at different locations. So after I get the wrong shoes (now at 3+ weeks) I called the store back yet again and this time spoke with Beth who at least seemed to genuinely care. She sent me the wearing instructions (schedule) via email and said she would send out the Velcro that day. She also told me that Nancy would call me the next day regarding getting the correct shoes. Meanwhile I’m wearing out shoes that I don’t want to be wearing while waiting for my walking shoes. I’m about to the point where I’m going to contact my credit card company and fight the charges and give them their product back. I honestly believe if I had Beth for my sales person this would be a 5 star review. If you get Nancy, come back another day or just go to another location altogether.
Ed | Dec 17, 2019

   The Good Feet Store | Creve Coeur

My wife and I stumbled into the good feet store out of curiosity. I live with parkinsons and have a hard time finding shoes that fit properly. I tried on a couple but too no avail. She then brought out two sizes of the inserts. 11 1/2 and 12. My old shoes were transformed into a snug comfortable shoe. I can now walk without pain. Thanks Good feet store and thanks to your employee who wouldn't give up on me. Sincerely Stephen mofsen
stephen | Dec 17, 2019

   The Good Feet Store | Meridian

Im a very sceptical person so time will tell the story but as far as service Tracy was the best. I grilled her every chance i could and she never even flinched. She had answers for every question. Never pressured me about perchuse.I read one review where said price was never descussed until salesman had credit csrd in hand.. what...maybe this person shouldnt have a credit pretty sure they arent free.. thanks Tracy it was fun .
David | Dec 17, 2019

   The Good Feet Store | Alpharetta

Reggie was very helpful and patient in explaining everything. Great Customer service!
Divya | Dec 16, 2019

   The Good Feet Store | Merced

Yelp reviews only visible in dashboard.
Ed | Dec 16, 2019

   The Good Feet Store | Cheektowaga

Good service. Salesman was good. Just started wearing them yesterday. Feet are feeling better.
Jackie | Dec 16, 2019

   The Good Feet Store | Happy Valley

learned a lot from Donald through his explanations and appreciated his attitude S.M.
Harvey | Dec 16, 2019

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