Mick M.

(St. Louis, MO)

The best investment I ever made! No more foot pain or knee pain since I got my inserts!

George W.

(Kansas City, KS)

I can't remember how long I have had my inserts. Maybe 9 or 10 years. They have been a lifesaver. My arch has support. My hammer toes have gotten better. Of course the pain is almost gone. ( due to another injury it will never go away). If you have foot pain, get to the Good Feet store!! They will ease your pain.

Robert Y.

(Austin, TX)

Before I bought the supports my heel as well as the whole bottom of my feet hurt constantly .I've had the supports for 5 months and my pain is nearly gone! I recommend them to everyone. I brought my brother in and he also is wearing the supports.

Tonia N.

(Austin, TX)

Came into Good Feet with a lot of pain on bottom of heel. Had supports for a little while and are starting to know the real difference. Thanks Good Feet for helping me with my pain.

Karen H.

(Austin, TX)

I love my new inserts. No more achy feet when I get home from a long days work. Once I needed a tweak in my inserts, it took about 10 minutes and I was out the door.

Erin C.

(Appleton, WI)

Came to the store with severe heel pain. With one try of the orthotic the pain was gone. I would highly recommend anyone with foot or heel pain to try this.


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