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Brenda C

(Omaha, NE)

My husband and I went in to the Good Feet Store after watching an infomercial. It has only been a few days but I can already feel a difference in my knees. Overall my joints just feel better and I find that I am not as exhausted at the end of the day. I would recommend anyone to at least take a look at the products they offer.

Alisa W.

(Omaha, NE)

I live in a small town. I came to Omaha and saw Good Feet was here. I bought my inserts 9 years ago and Good feet has stood behind their product with honor and excellent service. I needed in inserts replaced and Marion at the store was very helpful to me. Thank you good feet. I have not had any foot troubles for 9 years My Planter Fasciitis is a thing of the past!

Ann T.

(Omaha, NE)

My son plays soccer and had a lot of foot, knee, hip, and back pain. These supports make a world of difference! Although seems expensive it is worth it to see him play his best and be pain free. Amazing that a little piece of plastic in his shoes can make that much difference. Michael really spent the time to be sure he was sized correctly. Worth the time and the expense.

Brendan O


My experience as a whole has been very good so far a the Good Feet Store. I say so far because as my feet change and grow I keep coming back to the store to change my insoles and get readjusted. Every time I have gone in they have been so helpful, and usually, depending on the time since my last adjustment, it is completely free to get them changed out. Even though my feet are still becoming strong building up strength after so many years of aching, this store is a great place to go to get that long-term relief you want. Special thanks to Michael who was really understanding and knowledgeable.

Marian C

(Omaha, NE)

For the first time in months when I walked in the new insoles and shoes I had little or no pain. I also felt steadier on my feet. Greg spent time with me and explained everything to me in detail. After leaving the store I felt more hope in dealing with my walking problems than I ever have.

Maureen E

(Omaha, NE)

I have had a orthotic for my left foot before lost it a long time ago. My right foot hurts a lot. I had pain in both sides of my ankle and my heel when going up stairs, thought I may have bone spurs or something. Sales Rep fitted me with their orthotics and I could actually walk without Gimping and limping around. I bought the system immediately.Sales rep did a great job and knew her stuff. Thank you.

Rosa M

(Omaha, NE)

I've had my inserts for over a year and they've made a world of difference. My husband & I love them so much our daughter bought the inserts too. Sales Person was wonderful to work with. She is so patient & kind.


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