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Leg Pain

Leg pain can be something as simple as a mild nagging ache that comes and goes, or it can be debilitating. Leg pain can happen at almost any time, including at night, while resting or during exercise. Pain in the legs can make it difficult to engage in everyday activities and to sleep. Leg pain can originate from a number of sources, including the feet.


Because the leg contains a number of different structures, symptoms will differ depending on the cause. However, weakness, numbness, cramping, aching, and tingling sensations are among the most common.

Our Pain Relief Solutions

Structural imbalances in the foot may affect the position of the ankles and knees. When these joints are out of alignment – even a little – the muscles in the leg must work harder to help keep those joints in a neutral position and maintain body balance. Good Feet arch supports are designed to stabilize the structure of the foot and realign the skeletal system, which can help take the strain off joints and the sciatic nerve.


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