+Children should be active -
Most parents are aware that getting
their children to play outside can
reduce their risk of childhood
obesity and other health issues.
But it's hard to keep your child active
if his or her feet hurt.

  • Foot Pain is never normal in children. Good Feet® Youth arch supports
    are designed to provide kids who are over 6 years of age proper arch
    support and alignment for the growing changing feet of children.
  • While Good Feet's adult arch support systems are designed to
    redistribute body weight, our Youth line of arch supports aim to
    promote the healthy, pain free growth of feet from childhood through


  • + What to do when your child complains of severe foot pain? READ MORE
    When your child complains of severe pain, consult a doctor to confirm that more serious problems are not the cause of your child's discomfort. Most youth "fashion" shoes typically aren't designed to help stabilize and support a child or adolescent's growing foot, so pain after walking, standing or running may be due to poor shoe fit. In addition, unsupported arches can lead to foot pain, poor posture and other body imbalances. For everyday aches and pains caused by sports activity or flat feet, consider Good Feet Youth arch supports.
  • + Are Youth Orthotics & Arch Supports Safe for Children? READ MORE
    Your child's feet need room to grow and the freedom to move and flex with the demands of sports and play. This is why doctors and podiatrists rarely require children to wear stiff orthotics or "corrective" devices. Good Feet's Youth arch supports are flexible with gently sloping arch support that provide just enough support to young feet, keeping them stable during walking, standing, running or physical activity.

    Because children's feet are so adaptable, your child shouldn't have to "break in" their arch supports. Make sure to monitor your child as he wears the supports for the first few weeks. If there is any pain or discomfort, return to your Good Feet Certified Arch Support fitter to talk about sizing and shoe fit options.

    Once your child has been personally fitted for a pair of Good Feet Youth arch supports, make sure to bring him in to your local Good Feet store for regular re-sizing. You should have a Good Feet Certified Arch Support Fitter re-evaluate your child's arch support size every six months or every time your child outgrows her shoes, whichever comes first. Good Feet offers arch supports for children 6 years of age and older.
  • + How Can I Protect My Active Child From Injury? READ MORE
    While your young one is running up and down a sports field, she is putting up to five times her body weight on her feet with every stride. Multiply that by all of the running steps your child takes during a game and you've got tons of pressure going on those growing feet every season!

    Sports cleats may help to improve your child's sports performance but they typically don't properly fit your child's growing arches. Cleats are designed primarily to grip the ground as your child runs and their size is based only on your child's shoe size. Especially as your child's feet grow, it's vital to ensure that their arches are properly supported, no matter what their shoe size is. When you stop by your local Good Feet store, a Good Feet Certified Arch Support Fitter will personally size your child with arch supports that can fit into his or her favorite shoes.

    The feet of active children are naturally vulnerable to injury, as the bones, tendons and muscles of their feet are still growing. If your child is regularly running, jumping or dancing, sport-specific shoes may not be enough to properly support their developing bodies. In addition to pain, unsupported arches can lead to poor posture and body imbalance.

    Arch supports can help reduce your child's risk of injury during sports activity. Good Feet Youth arch supports are designed to help the feet function more effectively, reducing strain on the muscles and tendons of the feet, legs, knees and hips. With arch supports, your child can compete with confidence, and you can rest assured knowing you are helping to preserve your child's feet and body from injury.
  • Download the Good Feet® Youth Brochure here!

“My daughter has been "knock-knee" since she was of walking age. Although we had seen an orthopedic surgeon on several occasions, we were told she would outgrow it. Fast forward to the hard age of 14 she was self-conscious of her walk and other people noticed too. She was willing to get invasive surgery to correct it, but after researching online and paid close attention to her walk I thought shoe inserts could help. I called the Good Feet store and was able to set an appointment that was convenient for me. The salesman was wonderful and even my daughter said, ‘I liked him.’ I cannot tell you how excited I was to see her smiling from ear to ear when she noticed her knees didn't touch when she walked. Thank you so much for helping to boost a 14 year old girl’s self-esteem.”
- Teresa

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