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"I recently took a misstep and felt pain in my heel and archilles. I could barely walk on it. I went to Good Feet in Davie, Fl about two days after the injury. I was fitted with the Ultra and within two days, the pain was completely gone and hasn't returned. I am very happy I went to your store and will recommend you to all my friends."

"I have heard about Goodfeet for years and been curious. At the Home Show in Portland I decided to check them out. I am so glad I did. I have arthritis across the ball of my foot and the pain is terrible, even when I'm not walking on them. I am amazed at the instant relief I have with these arch supports.I am totally pain free even when resting with my feet up. Thank you, every penny is worth it." Alice
Alice Davis, Battle Ground, WA

"I injured my foot a few months ago while running. After several rounds of physical therapy I decided to try out Good Feet in North Haven, Connecticut as I was still limping. It was important to get proper fitting arch supports for my shoes as none of my shoes were comfortable. I met Michael Gallagher at Good Feet in North Haven and he answered all of my questions which I think numbered in the millions. I can't say enough good things about this company. The employees have a pride about what they sell and the products are so wonderful. If it were up to me, I would rename the company "Great" Feet. Thank you for offering such a great product that truly changed the quality of my life."
Karen Jordan, North Haven, CT

"I've been wearing the classics for a week. Already I wake without the pain I felt. I have Plantar Fasciitis. The feeling of the baseball in my shoe has disappeared. Courtney was the best at fitting me. Have to say so far I have no complaints."
Donald Watanabe, Thornton, Co

"Please accept this as my Testimonial. I was preparing to deploy to Iraq for a second tour. I have spent twenty years in Military boots. The past 11 years I have been active duty wearing Military Boots quite a bit. I started to get very serious discomfort in my arches, as though they were falling. Sometimes I felt as though the tissue in my arches were ripping with each step. The year I spent overseas, everyday in boots sometimes 12-18 hours. Wearing your supports truly made my ability to accomplish the mission successful. It was within the first month of wearing them that I began to forget I had the supports under my feet and that I even had any problems. Your product truly stood up to the mightiest of challenges whether it was a constant beating and the weather endured through the year. It is rare, if not at all, have I felt this way about any product on the market. Your product has proven superior and I have shared my experience verbally to fellow soldiers and Medical staff throughout the Armed Forces. I am often thanked for serving. Well, I would like to say to you, thank you for helping me serve. I would also like to mention your staff member Reida who was very professional, kind, and most of all very knowledgeable on your products."
David L., Saugus, MA

After suffering from an awful experience with the wrong type of footwear, I was watching TV one day when a Good Feet spokesman Named Ed McCaffrey, formerly of the Denver Broncos, explained how he went from poor foot pain into getting with Good Feet. So, after many countless days of extreme discomfort, I took it upon myself to make a visit to a nearby Goodfeet store here in Westminster, CO. The Customer service person there (her name was Nancy) was more than happy to assist me in finding many solutions to my need for better foot comfort. Nancy did real good in helping me get back to feeling relieved of anymore discomfort. I have to say, Mr. Ed McCaffrey and Emmitt Smith and others such as myself know now what it feels like to walk without pain. I'm very glad I took that 'positive' step forward and sought after 3 Good Feet arch supports that I use on a daily basis. I feel that I can now go on and accomplish what I set out to do. Thank you all for selling an 'Excellent' product that I can say does what it helps one to do.
Robert Veatch, Westminster, CO

"For anyone who is interested in the benefits of Good Feet products I would like them to hear what I have to say. While I was in the military, I started having pain in both feet. I went to a Podiatrist and I was told I had plantar fasciitis. I was given prescribed orthodics and went back to work. Eventually my feet became worse and I received hairline fractures in my heels. I was in a cast for 6 months and could not perform my job as a soldier. When I got my cast off the doctors were injecting cortisone shots in my feet that were painful and just temporary relief. I thought at 21 years old that my feet were ruined for good. Then one day I visited a Good Feet Store. I heard television adds from Good Feet and I was willing to try any product that would help my feet. The staff at the Good Feet store were very helpful and knowledgable about my certain pain problem. I was anxious to try Good Feet orthotics out so I could return back to duty and deploy with my unit. Well long story short, I started immediately noticing a huge improvement in my plantar fascities. I wore the Good Feet orthotics for the whole year I was deployed in my combat boots and never had pain or problems with the orthotics breaking. Now I am 25 years old. Since I purchased Good Feet orthotics back 4 years ago, my feet feel great. I am still able to run and do all the physical activities I was able to do before my feet pain. I recommend this product to anyone with feet problems. I swear by this product because it helped me to walk pain free and saved my ability to perform at my job in combat."
Ryan, Colorado Springs, CO

"I've been wearing Good Feet Arch Supports for 13 years and absolutely will not put a pair of shoes on with out them. Work, Golf, Running, and Hiking, Good Feet arch supports have relieved my back pain and improved my arch. The customer support is nothing short of Fantastic! After 13 years I have replaced my first pair."
Duane Netz, San Diego, CA

"Since wearing your insert I can work 8 1/2 hours days with no pain! Previously while working PRN at a Medical facility where I was on my feet for at least 8 hours a day my hip ached down to my knee so badly I had to limit the times I chose to work. I am so HAPPY that now I can work all day, all week without pain! Unbelievably, I just tried out the most inexpensive one since I was on a tight budget! It was the BEST working decision of my life!! Thank you so much for inventing them. By the way, I paid over $120.00 on a computor generated insert, $165.00 for special athletic shoes, $68.00 for a dorsal flexion boot(I also HAD plantar fashyitis) and many over the counter inserts also, but nothing worked until I bought your insert. You made working full time again possible for me."
Patricia M., Certified Restorative Aide

"I love my Good Feet supports. I went to Florida and it was wonderful not having sore feet with all the walking that I did. I have no pain walking on the hard concert floor of where I work, after all these years of having a sore back and knees. Thank you Good Feet."
Jessica P.

"I am in awe of how quickly the pain is reduced after months and months of enduring it. I only wish I'd gone there sooner. The technician, Carter Smith, was exceptionally knowledgeable, courteous and obviously takes pride in his work and service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Lynette S.

"Thank you so much for your concern! From the moment I walked in your store I felt like I could trust you. I've spent thousands of dollars on inserts etc. trying to make my feet feel better. The supports I purchased from you are working like a miracle. I'm much more active and am not limping at all. I still have a little pain in my L foot but it is very manageable now. Today I am wearing the thinner inserts to give my feet a break. I was feeling a little numbness. Today my feet feel great. Thank you again for not only the product, but for taking so much time to explain everything to me. If you think about it, because I am able to do more, I am able to see more patient's here at Martha's Village Medical Clinic, so you have inadvertently helped many people beyond me. I appreciate your kindness and will be referring family, friends, strangers etc. to your store if I ever hear them say, 'Man, my feet hurt so bad!' God bless you!"
Elaine K., - R.N.

"I have unique foot problems. When I was 5 months old I contracted Polio. Growing up, shoes had always been a problem for me. One foot smaller than the other, and if that is not enough, both feet fit childrens' shoes. Always had to wear a lift on my "bad" foot because of a difference in length of my legs. As I have grown older (now 63) being able to find appropriate shoes gets harder and harder. I had begun to fall off my shoes to the side, and really hurt myself, and have fallen flat on my face as well. I went to Good Feet to see if they had my size in shoes, which they didn't. BUT, I did read in the ad about the arch supports. So, my salesman fitted me with the supports, and in less than a week I was just amazed. No more falls, and steady and balanced walking, not having to worry about every step I take. As I was wearing them according to schedule, one morning I tried to go without them, and I could not believe the difference. Had I really been that unstable in my shoes all these years? I will not go without them. I am so pleased, they are worth every penny. Thank you Good Feet!!!"
Patty Moore, Newport News, VA

"After a 5 hour flight I left the plane with pain in my heal. The pain got worse and worse and, due to my favoring of the heal, my entire leg became painful. I of course discovered I now had plantar fasciitis and made a trip to a foot specialist who sold me some inserts. Not much happened. I then went to my acupuncturist and found a little relief. Finally after 2 1/2 months of constant pain I hobbled into a Good Feet store in Glendale. A miracle happened!! My service was caring, patient and educational. I bought the orthotics and within 48 hours the heel pain was gone. Now after 3 months of wearing the orthotics I continue to be pain free. I am astonished and so very grateful every day for this amazing product. I can honestly tell all my friends that Good Feet orthotics really work and that I will never be without them. AND they are guaranteed for life. Good Feet, I am thankful and have my life back thanks to you. I cannot praise you enough."
John Trost, Denver

"In Feb. 2007 I was involved in a motorcycle accident in which I broke my ankle in three places. I underwent immediate surgery. They installed nine screws and a five inch long steel plate. I Was in a cast for two months. I have been in a walking cast for four weeks. I have been talking the cast off and walking for very brief periods every day in an effort to learn to walk again. My limp is very severe. I also suffer from Pes Cavus and extreme hammer toes. I purchased a pair of your Classic arch supports as well as new shoes in your store. I walked out of the store with out any noticeable limp. The instructions that were provided with the arch supports said to wear the supports for thirty minutes the first day and increase wear time thirty minutes per day until able to wear for eight hours. That first day, I wore them for five and a half hours. today, day three, I wore the arch supports for twelve hours, with no discomfort or muscle fatigue. I have not been able to wear shoes at work for a full shift since the accident. I have recommended your products to everybody that I have talked to since I purchased the products. I have been seriously considering going back into your store with a video camera to re-enact the purchase of these amazing arch supports. I cannot walk without a sever limp without the supports. I wish I had made this investment years ago. It would have relieved years of pain from problem feet. I would like to extend my utmost thanks to you for your wonderful products."
John M.

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