How To Wear and Care For Your Good Feet Arch Supports

Written by The Good Feet Team  •  Last Updated: Mar 16, 2022

You’ve made the valuable decision to invest in your feet — a positive step for your overall health. As you've learned from The Good Feet Store, when you support your arches, you align your entire body up the kinetic chain. 

Considering that about 25% of adults are experiencing foot pain at any given time, wearing arch supports can be a very smart move. Good Feet Arch Supports are designed to provide the firm, yet flexible function necessary to help improve poor foot biomechanics, providing long-term pain relief for a range of common foot-related conditions.

However, just as with anything new, Good Feet Arch Supports require simple wearing instructions and an adjustment period. 

Here are a few helpful tips for using your Good Feet Arch Supports.

How To Put Good Feet Arch Supports Into Different Shoes


Let's begin with inserting Good Feet Arch Supports into your shoes. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Remove the existing insoles and any extra padding from your shoes. Now you have a neutral, flat base on which to place your arch supports.

  2. If your shoe has an insole that's glued in, just leave it as is.

  3. Take the Velcro® dots you received with your Good Feet Arch Supports and remove one hook (rough) and one loop (smooth) Velcro dot. Press them together.

  4. Remove the backing and press the hook dot’s adhesive side onto the heel of your left arch support. Do the same for your right arch support.

  5. Now remove the dot covering from the loop side and insert each support in your shoe, making sure they're placed all the way in back in the heel. Press down firmly so the Velcro® dot holds the arch support in place.

  6. The last step is to place your Good Feet cushions over the top of each arch support for additional comfort. If needed, trim the cushions with scissors to fit the inside of your shoe from toe to heel. It’s best to trim from the toe end in small increments.

You'll follow these same procedures for any of your arch supports: Strengtheners, Maintainers, Relaxers, or Youth models.

How To Use and Wear Good Feet Arch Supports

Here's how to wear the Good Feet 3-Step System. If you just have one pair, or the entire system of arch supports (or only Youth supports), the same instructions apply:

  • First, allow your feet time to adjust. You may be tempted to place the supports in your shoes and just go about your business, but for most people, a little acclimation is necessary. Over the first few weeks, as you become accustomed to your arch supports, you'll gradually increase your wearing time each day. 

  • The adjustment period varies for each individual. Your feet are as unique as you are.

  • Starting your first day, wear your Strengtheners for 30 minutes, then switch to your Maintainers for approximately 1 hour, then to your Relaxer the rest of the day. 

  • Each day add more time wearing your Strengtheners and Maintainers, and less time in your Relaxers. In time you will adjust to each support, being able to wear any of them all day.

  • With Relaxers, many people find they need little to no adjustment time, allowing them to wear the Relaxers for longer periods right from the start.

  • You may find it takes one foot longer than the other to adapt to Good Feet Arch Supports. This is perfectly normal. During the adjustment period, it's also quite normal if you feel some minor aches or discomfort.

  • For Youth arch supports, pay close attention to your child’s feet during the adjustment period as children cannot always articulate pain or discomfort.

An important word about discomfort or pain. If, at any time during the adjustment period or afterward, you experience prolonged discomfort or pain that's concerning, stop wearing your arch supports and contact your Good Feet Arch Support Specialist at your local Good Feet Store.

As we approach spring and summer, you may be wondering whether your Good Feet Arch Supports will work in sandals and various styles of open-toed shoes. The answer is: absolutely. 

For sandals and other types of open footwear, you can omit the Good Feet cushion and use the arch supports alone – your Maintainers or Relaxers work best for open-toed shoes. In nearly all cases, without the visible cushions, no one is likely to notice you're wearing arch supports — though you may be so delighted with your newly comfortable feet, you'll be eager to share your story, as many other Good Feet customers have done. 

How To Clean Good Feet Arch Supports 


Cleaning and maintaining your Good Feet Arch Supports is quite simple:

  • Clean non-leather covered supports with warm water and mild soap.

  • Clean leather-covered supports with a non-abrasive leather cleaner.

  • Clean faux-leather covered arch supports with cold water and mild soap.

  • Though you'll be eager to resume wearing them, make sure you allow your arch supports to dry completely before reinserting them in your shoes.

  • You can use the same cleaning procedures for cleaning your leather, faux leather, and non-leather covered arch support cushions.

Talk To A Good Feet Arch Support Specialist If You Have Any Questions


If you ever have any questions or concerns about your arch supports, we encourage you to call the Good Feet Store where you purchased them to talk to a Good Feet Arch Support Specialist. Our Specialists will gladly answer any questions you may have as you settle into enjoying your Good Feet Arch Supports and newfound foot freedom.

If you're traveling and need to speak with a Good Feet Arch Support Specialist, you're welcome to call or visit any of our more than 180 Good Feet locations worldwide. We're as invested in your foot health as you are, and look forward to being of service. 

Helping each person who chooses Good Feet Arch Supports achieve a pain-free way of life is our purpose, passion, and pleasure. We look forward to hearing about your great new life with Good Feet!

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Good Feet began as a family-owned business in 1992, with a mission to help people who – like the company's founders – suffered tremendous foot and back pain that diminished their quality of life. Good Feet Arch Supports are designed to relieve foot, knee, hip, and back pain and are personally-fitted to you by an Arch Support Specialist.

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