Hip Pain Can Affect People of All Ages

The hip is defined as a ball and socket joint flanking each side of the pelvis. It is one of most stable joints in the body and while it bears weight, it also allows motion. The entire weight of the upper body is transmitted through this joint to the lower limbs during standing which makes it prone to injury and to develop conditions like arthritis.

  • 30-40% of adults who play sports have hip pain
  • 12-15% of adults over 60 experience hip pain
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Common Causes of Hip Pain

Hip pain can be felt on the outside of the hip or around the hip joint but also in the groin or thigh area. This pain can be due to an injury or common conditions like arthritis that cause pain over time. Poor biomechanics or body alignment can also contribute to or cause hip pain. Good Feet Arch Supports are designed to help alleviate hip pain by placing the feet in their ideal alignment, supporting the body up the kinetic chain.

  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Poor biomechanics
  • Injury or repeated stress

Arch Supports Can Help

Good Feet Arch Supports are engineered to fit your feet with precision and designed to alleviate pain throughout the kinetic chain, including hip pain. Our wide range of over 300 styles, flexibilities, and sizes allows our customers to be fit with the arch supports that meet their particular needs.

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